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Dodgers News: Wife of Hall of Famer Passes Away at 95

Joan Hodges, the widow of Dodgers Hall of Famer Gil Hodges, passed away on Saturday night after a long illness, MLB announced on Monday. She was 10 days shy of her 96th birthday.

Joan and Gil Hodges were married in 1948 and spent over 23 years together before Gil’s untimely death in 1972 just two days before his 48th birthday. Joan lived on another 50 years after Gil’s death, living long enough to see him finally inducted into the Hall of Fame just two months ago.

Joan’s health prevented her from attending the induction ceremony, but she was able to watch on TV at home in Brooklyn. Their daughter Irene spoke on behalf of the family, and she recounted her conversation with Jane Forbes Clark, the Hall’s chairman of the board, when Gil was elected.

“I spoke to Jane, crying,” Irene said, retelling her conversation with Forbes Clark. “[I said], ‘I just want to ask you, my Mom is 95 and she is right here with me. Can you please tell her yourself, so she can hear it from you?’ Jane said, ‘Of course.’ I gave my mother the phone. When I handed her the phone, she said, ‘Who is it?’ I said, ‘Mommy, they want to tell you Daddy is voted into the Hall of Fame.’ She put her hands on her chest and said, ‘Really? He really did it. Oh, Gil, I’m so happy.’ She spoke to [Forbes Clark] on the phone and handed me the phone. She was thrilled.”

The Dodgers retired Gil Hodges’ number 14 on June 4, with Irene and Gil Jr. both in attendance. At the ceremony, Gil Jr. spoke on behalf of the family.

“You can only hope and pray that once he did get into the Hall of Fame — which we were happy and thrilled for — that this just falls into place. We’re thankful to the Dodger organization that they picked up on it and made it happen.”

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  1. Gil Hodges was my absolutely favorite ball player…
    Too long entering the hall. I haven’t been to Cooperstown in many many years. Will go NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    What he did with the METS was the GREATEST managing job ever. 1969 was the BEST YEAR OF BASEBALL for me….Saying as a life long Dodger fan.
    Thanks to you Mrs. Hodges. God Bless both of you.

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