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Dodgers News: World-Renowned Chef Discuss What He’d Change About The World-Famous Dodger Dog

The city of Los Angeles is known for many things. The beaches, the weather, the mountains, and most importantly, the food. LA has some of the best food in the world, and one of those food items is at the greatest baseball stadium in the world, Dodger Stadium

Dodgers News: World-Renowned Chef Discuss What He’d Change About The World-Famous Dodger Dog

The Dodger Dog and Dodger Stadium are synonymous with each other and have been a staple for the Dodgers for decades.

FOX 11 news recently visited Dodger Stadium as world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey was there shooting season two of his show “Next Level Chef.”

Ramsey was asked about Dodger Stadium and if he would change anything about the world-famous Dodger Dog. The chef said if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

“Honestly, I’ve eaten about 275 of those things, so I wouldn’t change something that’s not broken. So don’t mess with history; otherwise, it’ll come back and bite you in the ass.”

Chef Ramsey isn’t shy to let people know how he feels, especially when it comes to food. So, if the man himself says not to change anything, then so be it. 

The Dodger Dog has been around since 1962 and remains a hot commodity at Dodger Stadium. Even though many have their opinions about the world-famous dog, you cannot deny its popularity among Dodger fans.

Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


    1. I agree 100%. The original Farmer John Dodger Dog was much better than the current replacement!

  1. But they did change it. It used to be pork and beef when Farmer John made them. The new company just makes them out of beef.

  2. I never thought the Dodger dogs were good.It just became a tradition to eat a dog and watch the ballgame.I think Dodger fans deserve more options.Like an LA dog,with a higher quality dog wrapped with bacon and a higher quality bun for example.

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