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Dodgers: Odd Rule Results in Confusion For Los Angeles During Loss

Things did not go very well for the Dodgers on Saturday night. With Walker Buehler on the mound, they were hoping for better results. But that is not what they got from him in the third game of the series. Buehler got rocked early and was run from the game without getting out of the 3rd inning. 

The Dodgers tried to place a position player in the game late during the loss. With Los Angeles down 5 runs, they attempted to put Zach McKinstry on the mound. The umpires did not allow that, and it came with some controversy. 

They would later explain that a position player could not pitch unless a team was down by 6 runs or more. The Dodgers were only down 5 and Evan Phillips had to come in to pitch. That meant they had to burn another bullpen arm in the loss. 

Funny enough, it seemed like almost no one knew about his rule. That would include most of the Dodgers coaching staff, who were enraged by the decision. You learn something new every day watching baseball.

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