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Dodgers Pool Celebration T-Shirt Causes Stir At Chase Field

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There’s little love lost between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks, who seemingly provide good theater in each of their regular-season series. While the two teams don’t have the postseason meetings that truly establish a rivalry, plenty has transpired dating back to last season’s June brawl.

The Diamondbacks of course were the leaders in the National League West for much of last season, only to fall apart as the Dodgers ripped off a 42-8 stretch that culminated with a splashy division title, complete with a pool celebration seen around the world.

Understandably, the Dodgers pool celebration has been a touchy subject for the Diamondbacks, a situation that was declared disrespectful by some Arizona officials and players.

On Tuesday, with the Dodgers playing the first of their final two games at Chase Field this season, a lifelong Dodgers fan, born and raised in El Mirage, Arizona was asked to turn his shirt inside out before entering the stadium.

Dodgers won the WestThe shirt (see photo to the right), which Armando Mendoza created just hours after the Dodgers clinched the NL West last season, read “We Won The West, Now Where’s The Pool” followed by “2013 NL West Division Champions.”

The fan ground rules at Chase Field state: “Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing and or body art will not be allowed entry into the ballpark.” Mendoza, who just finished a tour with the United States Marine Corps last August, didn’t have any obscenities on his shirt. The reason was apparently a reference to the pool incident.

Mendoza told Dodgers Nation he was approached by someone who he believed to be security prior to entering the stadium. He was told he needed to turn his shirt inside out because “anything about the pool incident was not allowed in the stadium.”

He begrudgingly complied, though Mendoza was confused why his tickets were then checked three times. “I think it was because of my shirt,” Mendoza assumed, but the incident wasn’t over.

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  1. If they would of did that to me a lawsuit would of came next.
    The organization for the Diamondbacks are a bunch of dumb assholes.
    I was there last week getting my daughter ready for college, missed it by a week.

  2. When my son-in-law got me in early to a game so that I can meet the Dodgers, the rep for the Dbacks asked us not to wear anything Dodgers. So I didn’t and as a lifetime baseball fan that got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and get some signatures from some of the Dodgers. I felt low because I was not able to represent my team. I am grateful that I met them but I felt cheated. I will always and forever be a true blue Dodger fan till I die. I talked to Don Mattingly about the incident and he explained that the Dodgers organization would let any fan represent their team if they had gotten the chance to meet their team at Dodger stadium. Thank you Dodgers

  3. We are still beating this dead horse I see. AZ is a whiny club – get over it – Sounds like AZ is trying to prolong bad feelings between the clubs. And like I said last year, they asked for – give me a break – “DON’T CELEBRATE ON OUR FIELD”.

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