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Dodgers: Rich Hill Fears Not Finding Contract in LA or Boston, Discusses Recovery from Surgery

Free agent Rich Hill has become something of a Dodgers fan favorite during his tenure, marked by his crane kick delivery finish, his expletive-laden tirades, and his amazing underdog story. Richie can flat out pitch and is the true definition of a gamer. However, with the Dodgers setting their sights on  the big fish free agent starting pitchers like Stephen Strasburg and Gerrit Cole, Hill might be ousted from Los Angeles.

At the age of 39, he still pitches at a very high level, continuing to defy Father Time.

In a recent interview with MLB Network Radio, Hill discussed his future in baseball and his fear that he might not find a contract with the Dodgers in Los Angeles or back home with the Red Sox in Boston.

Primary Revision Surgery

Rich Hill underwent a rather invasive procedure, but it was one to speed up the recovery process and avoid Tommy John surgery. He discussed how his rehab is going:

“Rehab is going great. I’m six weeks into it right now and my elbow feels brand new. The one thing about the primary revision surgery is that the internal brace that goes in there as opposed to a full Tommy John surgery is something that will expedite the months of getting back to field. As opposed to a full revision, this will only take seven to eight months to get back on the field.”

Ready for 2020

Hill appears to be fully confident that he won’t miss too much of the 2020 season:

“I’m fully expecting to be out there and pitching in major league games in June.”

Free Agency for Hill

Hill was asked about the level of interest he has received from teams around the league in free agency and he seems pretty confident that he will land a strong deal to his liking:

“There has been a lot of good interest out there. Obviously, being in LA the last four years — my heart is there for sure, but Boston is my home. However, both of those places might not work out. Really, I’m just looking at contenders right now. I want to go back to not just the postseason, but back to the World Series.”


It certainly sounds like Hill is excited to get through his rehab process and be able to contribute in 2020 to whatever team agrees to terms with him. He mentioned that his heart is with the Dodgers in Los Angeles and without a doubt, most fans want him back in blue.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. We have too many young arms to have Hill take one of their spots on the roster. Time to move on.

    1. I like Rich Hill. I hope the Dodgers keep him. He’s feisty, and that rubs off on other players. He has always come through in the post season. Even if he can’t always go as a starter, I like his competitiveness out of the bullpen.

      1. Steve
        You want Hill to be a Dodger this season or is there something I’m missing?
        Get hip with the times. That bad a$$ running the White House’s new saying is Keep America Great. Come on man! MAGA was for his first term, second to follow

    1. Get real..Even though Kershaw a not considered to be the best pitcher on the planet hear still one of the best. Check his 2019 stats, pretty impressive!

  2. Good guy, but he needs to admit that it’s over.
    It’s not IF he goes on the DL, but WHEN.
    Give it up Rich, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    Pride goeth before the fall,

  3. If the dodgers or Redsox do not sign Hill it’s their loss!!! The guy just keeps getting better ! (Like Brady) come on guys how many times have the other greats been on the injury list & came back every time

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