Dodgers Rumors: Darren O’Day Prefers East Coast; Team Still in Pursuit

It would appear the Dodgers’ chances at signing the top relief pitcher on the market might come down toe geography, which isn’t ideal, seeing as he reportedly prefers the coast 3,000 miles away.

Darren O’Day, the submarine pitcher who spent the last four seasons in Baltimore, then before that in Texas and at the very beginning of his career in Anaheim reportedly is most interested in remaining on the east coast, where he is more comfortable.

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This, via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN:

So, there’s that…

Other reports have spoken to O’Day’s preference towards winning situations, which likely rules out the Braves. So, by process of elimination, here, the Nationals appear to be in the driver’s seat in the pursuit of O’Day.

This isn’t to say the Dodgers are out of the running by any means. As we’ve seen with the Zack Greinke free agency and David Price’s eventually signing, we literally have zero idea of where these guys end up until basically right before the actual announcement.

Is this report disheartening? Sure. Is it by any means the end of the world and should the Dodgers move on to their next target? Not remotely so.

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