Dodgers Rumors: Forbes Has Greinke Staying in L.A.

As we proceed through the early stages of this offseason, the prognostication on where free agents – especially the those who top value rankings in other forms of prognostication – might land. Monday morning, it was Forbes’ turn, and fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers will like what they have to say.

Howard Cole (who, along with basically everyone else who’s paid any attention to the Don Mattingly situation, predicted he wouldn’t last long this offseason as Dodgers manager) says pretty adamantly that Zack Greinke will remain a Dodger. So, there’s that, at least.


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Here’s how Cole puts it:

My big prediction this Monday is as follows: Zack Greinke will stay in Los Angeles (that’s actual Los Angeles; not Anaheim). I won’t go out on a limb with an end-of-the-week deadline, but the Dodgers’ ace right-hander will sign a new deal earlier than is being suggested elsewhere, and no later than Thanksgiving.

Well, at least, according to Cole, we won’t have to wait long for the decision! He continues.

The man wants to stay, he’s plenty rich enough, and no team is out-bidding the Dodgers. Five years and $155 million, give or take $5 mil. That it’ll be before the turkey’s on the table will serve as gravy for the home folks. Mark it down.

Consider it marked, Mr. Cole.

Look, there simply isn’t much to report on with Greinke’s decision. He’s almost impossible to predict given the facts that he gushed over the Dodgers organization (which would imply he’s staying) but also operates on and off the field with analysis Spock would be proud of (which would lead me to believe he’s taking the most money an NL team pays him).

Expect countless other articles like this to make “news” as the days and weeks continue before decisions are made. For now, though, fans can enjoy that most every article like this has Greinke staying in Los Angeles.

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  1. I hope he stays a Dodger but he will most definitely stay in the NL.  He prides himself in being a complete player and would definitely miss hitting if he signed in the AL.  I also thinking wanting to be the ace is as big a draw to him as the pot of gold.

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