Dodgers Rumors: Is Robinson Cano A Feasible Option Next Season?

There’s a lot of good surrounding the Dodgers at the moment as they’ve won 38 of their last 45 and seem to have gelled perfectly at the right time.

To get to the point they’re at, Dodgers management spent a lot of time catching up in terms of building a roster and spending a lot of money to do so.

While talking about the off-season is foolish as the Dodgers continue to pile up the wins, Bob Klapisch of NorthJersey.com floated a juicy rumor:

Is it any wonder that rumors of Robinson Cano’s departure are gaining traction? The second baseman wisely avoids dropping hints about his impending free agency, but there’s been a steady drumbeat that the Dodgers are now the front-runners. Even Cano’s friends in the clubhouse, the ones imploring him to stay, concede the Yankees have only a 50-50 chance of keeping him.

The overspending Yankees seem to be a thing of the past as they’ve looked to shed payroll, but when Cano signed with Jay Z, staying seemed like the only option.

Mark Ellis has done a really solid job for the team this year, but bringing him back at a $5.7 million clip doesn’t seem like the best idea.

There have been rumors that the Dodgers are still the front runners for Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero, would be cheaper than Cano.

However, Klapisch reports that Cano has targeted one Dodger he’d like to play with:

“I think Robby sees what’s coming,” said one person familiar with Cano’s thinking. Despite his good standing with ownership and teammates, the second baseman is nevertheless intrigued by the potential of partnering with Hanley Ramirez.

Emptying the bank for Cano is a decision that Ned Colletti and ownership will have to ultimately make, but it sounds like the thoughts of him leaving New York are picking up some traction.


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Ross Gasmer

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  1. Kemp should find a brujo, one who can manipulate sprains and other ailments….When I was young, I severely sprained my ankle, my mother took me to a man, who she referred to as a brujo..He manipulated my ankle with a concoction based on Eucalyptus, and within 3 days my ankle was much better and by the end of the week no pain…and heck yeah, outfield still needs all the players they can use

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