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Dodgers Rumors: Justin Verlander Reportedly Nearing Deal With Mets

SAN DIEGO – Sunday marked the return of the MLB winter meetings which were held in person for the first time since December 2019. Day one was relatively quiet. Baseball insiders, pundits, and organizational leaders spent most of the day exchanging pleasantries with one another while settling in at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA.

While the rumors are expected to heat up today, the Justin Verlander sweepstakes got hot late last night. MLB insider Hector Gomez shared a post from former big league infielder Carlos Baerga who reported that the New York Mets and the AL Cy Young award winner were nearing a monster deal.

Two years and $86.8 million comes out to a record $43.4 million per season. Usually, we take these types of rumors with a grain of salt. After all, it didn’t come from the likes of Jon Heyman, Ken Rosenthal, or Jeff Passan. Moreover, Gomez had a similar style report a year ago where he shared via Carlos Baerga that Freddie Freeman was on his way to Toronto.

Dodgers fans know that didn’t happen.

However, while it’s still encouraged to wait and see what the big guys have to say (or tweet) about when it comes to offseason rumors in baseball, given the timing of the report it seems like it could have some teeth.

Soon after Gomez’s tweet, Heyman wrote in a column that multiple teams had two year offers on the table to Verlander. Including the Mets and the Dodgers.

Remember, the Mets just lost staff ace Jacob deGrom to the Texas Rangers on Friday. And team owner Steven Cohen is itching to make another splash for the second straight winter.

Of course, the Dodgers are reportedly still in play for the veteran Verlander.’s JP Morosi said last week that LA was the “most likely destination” for the right-hander. But that was before the Mets lost deGrom.

A two year deal is likely appealing to Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers. But committing $40 million-plus to a 40-year-old pitcher in an offseason where there’s a soft mandate to refrain from exceeding the luxury tax threshold for a third straight season might leave the door open just enough for the Mets to swoop in and overpay.

Verlander could be one of the first dominoes to fall at these winter meetings… and a deal could be coming any hour.


Verlander to the Mets looks like it’s happening.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported the news Monday morning. The terms of two years and $86 million fall in line with what Baerga mentioned last night.

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  1. Hiw does a guy that old come back from TJ surgery and pitch the whole season and dominate like he did? Don’t they usually be careful and ease them back? Fresh arm all year? Quick recovery from start to start? No other injuries? Hmm!
    Why question Bonds and not any other player who outperforms, especially at the end of their career?

    1. That;s because Bonds had “help”. That melon of his didn’t triple in size because he was eating Wheaties. I don’t question Verlander because that is just who he is.

  2. Stick with what we got or make a trade for a solid pitcher and pick up Rondon, I would not pay 43mil for this guy period, we have a good young team possibly we can tweak at Trade deadline lets wait for Ohtani.

    I can deal with 88-90 wins and wild card lets see what our kids can do

  3. I am a dodger fan and I agree on Bonds look it was the era period not like other players have not cheated in the past. I don’t know of any player in the history of baseball and I’m 60 who was walked with the bases loaded for fear of a grand slam. You can say what you want about him as a person and look at the documentary on Willie Mays and this will change you mind on Bonds the most feared hitter ever in baseball period

  4. Well if the Mets sign Verlander, that puts Rodon in play big time. He would be a better choice in the long run for us given that Boras will take Julio somewhere else in 24. Of course, Rodon is a Boras client as well. It would be wise to go after Senga but that’s not going to win us the World Series in 23.
    Kinda looks like 23 could be a re-tool year for us.

  5. Glad we did not sign Verlander. 43 million a year for a nearly 40 year old pitcher. No thanks. These massive MLB salaries are ruining the game.

  6. We’re screwed since Verlander and Trea are no longer options, unless we miraculously sign Judge.

  7. FO is being patient and frugal on the market as pieces are being overpaid. JV’s old and not a postseason pitcher, deGrom is not durable, T. Turner (my favorite) got his wish, and Judge gonna be either a Giant ( his home town) or a Yankee ( next NY legend). Save the money for more valuable pieces next year for Urias, Buehler, and dual-threat Ohtani.

  8. OK, gang. Why did the Dodgers let Trea go, let Martin go, let 17-game dinner Anderson go. No one has more $ to spend, and these are stars or excellent players. And now Lux at SS — are you kidding. He sucks. Get Correa or Swanson. You must get Rodon also. What the ____ is going on.

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