Dodgers Should Spare No Expense In Trading Andre Ethier

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Where the issue lies is Ethier has essentially put the Dodgers in an all-or-nothing position and is on a roster where better options are ahead of him. While Mattingly credited him for his handling of the outfield logjam last season, it’s clear the 33-year-old Ethier isn’t interested in another year of sporadic playing time.

Because of this, it’s time for the Dodgers to once again spend big on more roster maintenance.

Ethier is guaranteed $53.5 million over the next three years of his contract; his deal also includes a $17.5 million vesting option for 2018 — though it should be noted it comes with a $2.5 million buyout.

Aside from the clubhouse implications that can come with a disgruntled player being on the roster, Ethier will become a player with 10 and 5 rights — a non-trade clause given to players having spent 10 years in the Majors with the last five on the same team — if he spends the entire 2015 season with the Dodgers.

Should Ethier reach that mark, he could waive the clause and presumably would if his playing-time situation doesn’t improve, but why leave open the possibility for the headache?

By most accounts, the Dodgers have plenty of money to go around. The largest contract they handed out during the offseason was a four-year, $48 million deal to Brandon McCarthy. The next was the $18 million that will be paid to the Padres in the Kemp deal.

There isn’t a set dollar amount that would automatically make an Ethier trade come to fruition. However, the Dodgers shouldn’t balk at perhaps paying anywhere from $15 to $20 million of his remaining salary — dependent on their return.

Given that Ethier is coming off a season in which he hit .249/.322/.370 with four home runs and 42 RBIs, all career lows, his trade value is virtually nonexistent. That being said, now may be time to strike as a team like the Toronto Blue Jays surely could use a left fielder in the wake of Michael Saunders’ meniscus injury that requires surgery.

The front office hasn’t shown any hesitation in parting ways with players who were fan-favorites and had significant stock with the franchise, and they shouldn’t treat Ethier, the longest-tenured Dodger any differently.


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  1. I have been saying this all winter. They should pay the bulk of his salary and ship him to another organization so he can have a fresh start. Because he has been terrible the last couple of years here in LA.

    1. Cannot imagine we he is still here. It is pretty obvious they brought in Heisey for insurance

      1. Not bleeding for Ethier. He has made tens of millions of dollars playing baseball and is due 56 million more! Sorry Andre go cry to someone else. Shut up and be a good team mate.

  2. Send him to the Angels, Hamilton is a mess, they are essentially the same player.

  3. I like Dre, but dude you think your the only vet who is having to battle younger, BETTER talent? Now is the time for you to be a role player and thats not the role of making a ton of cash 😛 grab yer nuts and battle Peterson for center.. acting like a sorry ass pansy

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