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Dodgers Sign a 18 Year Old Taquero From Mexico

This might be the most L.A. story you’ll read all day, but it’s a feel good one about one of our favorite topics.

Octavio Becerra was actually signed in August and shared his experience on how that went with Primer Impacto.

I had just finished pitching when a scout for the Dodgers started asking me all these questions about my pitches. The scout said he’d be back with some news and like an hour and a half later he said they had signed me.

Moreover, Dodgers Nation did a story on this youngster’s signing not too long ago, but the most recent article surrounding his story was his former job in Mexico. As it turns out, he used to work part-time for his uncle’s taco shop in Tepatitlán, Jalisco.

I admit this one is excitingly personal for me. My entire family is from the Tepatitlán area, in Jalisco, Mexico. Seeing another potential future Dodger from my family’s home area fills me with a lot of joy.

Los Angeles Loves Dodgers and Tacos

The last 3 times I’ve gone to Dodger Stadium, we’ve searched for tacos after the game. This is not hyperbole. “The best tacos in L.A are…” is a conversation and debate that could start fires and fights. Octavio Becerra is likely to not work selling tacos ever again. When you see this young man pitch at Dodger Stadium someday soon, where are you going to get your tacos from after? Where are the best tacos in L.A? Let us know in the comments!

AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. The best Taqueria in Los Angeles is by far “The Tire Shop Taqueria”on Avalon and 41st, the Tortillas are hand made, the carne Asada is cooked over Mesquite Wood, and every Taco gets a spoonful of Guacamole $2.00, a pop…well worth it, they also sell Mulitas, Vampiros, Quesadillas, All hand Tortillas.

  2. …signed in half hour?? Octavio had better get a good agent & attorney ASAP to read the fine print in the contract. (Another vote here for King Taco – proven over decades. – cinco de barbacoa con todo!)

  3. Love Tacos grew up in LA (‘59) left in ‘77 in the Air Force so I never knew
    King Tacos (founded in ‘74 that’s 44 years) best Tacos I knew where the ones I make that are crispy Tacos. By the pictures King Tacos doesn’t show having crispy Tacos. My wife and I went to Monterrey to see the Dodgers play Vs the Padres (including combined no hitter which Buehler started).Before we flew was told by supposed know it all’s that the don’t have crispy Tacos in Mexico. When we would go out to eat on the trip the only Tacos I saw were crispy Tacos it almost became hilarious. Took pictures to prove it.
    But when I grew up in LA my favorite restaurant was in Long Beach ( I know not LA) at a place called Mexico City not sure if it’s still there but it was the best (and crispy too).I hope the Dodgers go back to Monterrey in 2020 or soon and I’ll be there.

  4. The Best Tacos In L.A. are from a place called Pepe’s in the City of ALHAMBRA, on Valley Blvd. I prefer the hard tacos from there. They do have soft tacos as well.

  5. Ave. 26 tacos are the best tacos after the Dodgers game. If you have time to drive just a little further to Glassell Park, the best tacos with handmade tortillas, and mesquite grilled meat are at Angel’s Tacos in front of Target.

  6. did some really just say hard shell taco’s? LOL wow!

    After games who wants to drive all over the place unless you are headed in that direction, home. But in my opinion and certainly this is only my opinion just like the guy who mentioned hard shell tacos. Local close to Dodger Stadium look no further than right down the street on Broadway at The Original Carnitas Michoacán’s. From taco’s to Burritos and to their famous Pappa’s Nachos this place will satisfy your hunger and your soul before or after a game.

    One of my second go to spots is Ave 26 Taco’s.. Why go brick and mortar when you can dine al fresco. Great food extremely nice people that run the spot and so very close to the stadium.

    I recommend both of these place if you haven’t already been and you have? Eso! you know what I’m talkin bout!

  7. Aside from the lame troll comments–I LOVE the comments on this post, folks! Love the suggestions for the best tacos and now I am hungry.

  8. Very surprised to see King Taco here because they suck. Theee best are actually in L.A. at Grand Central Market, Tacos y Tumbras a Tomas. They also have a sister place by a different name 2 aisles down. Full size tortillas with a pound of meat, enough for a burrito! You even get extra tortillas. That’s my go-to in L.A.

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