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Dodgers Spring Training: Trade Talks Focusing On Relievers

Andrew Martinez-Dodgers Nation
Andrew Martinez-Dodgers Nation
It was a busy winter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it may not be done yet.

The Dodgers were active in trades, finding themselves with a new middle infield, among other things. Though they were able to add a few relievers through separate deals, they bullpen took a hit this past week when closer Kenley Jansen underwent surgery on his left foot. He will be out for 2-3 months, leaving the Dodgers with a void in the later innings.

According to JP Hoornstra of the LA Daily News, the Dodgers are having trade talks surrounding a specific area of the roster:

Since Jansen went down, the Dodgers have been linked to free agents Rafael Soriano, Francisco Rodriguez and Joba Chamberlain. Despite these rumors, Andrew Friedman has mentioned that the team is looking to replace Jansen internally. Jansen will be out until May, meaning the Dodgers will need a closer for at least a month or so.

Judging from rumors, one name that may be brought up is closer Jonathan Papelbon from the Philadelphia Phillies. It would appear unlikely though, because of his price tag and the fact that he would return to the bullpen once Jansen is healthy. Based on their interest in Chamberlain, the Dodgers could just be looking at depth in the bullpen and not specifically a closer.

Any potential deal will have to happen soon in order to get that player into camp and ready for the season.

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  1. talking out of the side of his mouth again..I not believe a thing this guys says

  2. I agree. I do not trust this front office. Why are Tampa Bay and Oakland having problems if these guys are so great. I will be surprised if the Dodgers win more than 86 games this year.

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