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Dodgers Start an Awesome New Locker Room Tradition

Much of the Dodgers success over the last few years is due to incredible chemistry in the clubhouse. Fans love to disparage manger Dave Roberts and his in-game decision making, but there’s no question that Doc has fostered an incredible environment for players to perform at their best and if they’re not, put in the work to get back on track. 

As the Orange County Register’s Bill Plunkett chronicled in an article on Saturday, the Dodgers now celebrate some wins in the locker room in a style all their own, “Club Dub” style.

Veteran third baseman Justin Turner is the proud founder of the Club Dub. After the Dodgers beat the Mets on Thursday, Turner engineered a post-game celebration in the locker room that included a smoke machine, disco ball, and Mookie Betts’ turntables.

JT explained why even wins in June have meaning (quotes via OCR’s Bill Plunkett).

“You win a game in the major leagues, you shouldn’t take it for granted. You should enjoy it.”

Turner lamented that in a 162-game season, players want to shower and change as quickly as possible. He believes that sometimes, a “dub” isn’t savored as much as it should be.

“I just think it’s something you should enjoy a little bit and not take for granted before you move on to the next game.”

Club Dub already has at least one big fan, Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger. 

“So two days ago, we beat the Mets and we come in (to the clubhouse) – the lights are off, the disco ball is going and the smoke machine is on. It was super tight.”

Dodgers fans are hoping that Club Dub is open often as the team enters the meat of their regular season. 

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