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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Blasts MLB Over the Justin Turner Situation

Justin Turner’s postgame actions following the World Series are going to be talked about for a long time. It’s unfortunate, but the Dodgers third baseman brought plenty of controversy after going onto the field with a positive COVID-19 test result. 

Turner’s actions have brought a mixed bag of emotions from players willing to speak about it. Dodgers’ teammates Walker Buehler and Joe Kelly both made their opinions known, with Kelly blasting the league. And now, other players from around MLB are starting to speak out. 

Free-agent pitcher Trevor Bauer went off on social media just hours after the league released their statement on the matter. MLB insisted that there would be a full investigation of the Dodgers’ third baseman in a press release last week. As usual, Bauer had plenty to say.

Typical MLB here. A problem exists. Blame the players. Take no responsibility. Take note of public perception. Launch a partisan investigation to appease the public. Has anyone bothered to consider how a player who was supposed to be protected by the “bubble” protocol supposedly contracted the virus? First thing wrong here: as I’ve noted before, the bubble protocol was…porous, to put it kindly. Second problem here, why are a players medical results being broadcast to the world?…being asked not to celebrate winning “a piece of metal” with your teammates, who you’ve already sat next to that day in the locker room, showered with, high-fived in the dugout, etc. is RIDICULOUS.

I would encourage you to read Bauer’s entire Twitter thread to get a full understanding of his argument. In his mind, the Dodgers weren’t entirely to blame for the issue. The league did not do their part in maintaining the health and safety of the players and their families. Whether that is the case remains up for debate, and I am sure much more will follow with the investigation. 

The Dodgers as an organization have yet to make any sort of comment on the investigation following the World Series. Individual players have obviously voiced their opinions in a few interviews. 

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    1. He was with them the whole day before that and for 8 innings. Any damage was already done.

  1. Good to see most of the comments have been supportive. Turner has been a Dodger since 2014, meaning he’s had to deal with 6 years of almost getting the Championship, but coming up short and dealing with the heartache. If I were on the team, I’d want him out there. Only Kershaw and Jansen have been there longer than Turner. He deserved to be out there. Besides, it’s Covid, not some contagious form of terminal cancer.

  2. You gotta love Trevor Bauer. He thinks for himself. And they are good thoughts. There is not a hint of politically correct, nonsensical, nonthinking tripe to this guy. He says what he means, and he means what he says.

    Here’s my suggestion on the JT celebration non-issue from the Dodger organizational stand point. Sign him ASAP. Don’t wait. Just do it. That should be the message. Stay with us. We don’t care about detractors outside the family. And then give Trevor Bauer a call, whenever it’s allowed, and tell him “Son you would look good in blue!”

  3. What an addition to his already strong audition for the Dodgers! Trevor, just what number would you like on your new blue and white uniform?

  4. Cardinals fan here. And first off let me congratulate the Dodgers and their fan base on their 1st WS Championship in 32 years. Y’all definitely earned it. With that being said, I’m gonna offer up both ends of the spectrum. 1st one being that these protocols were agreed upon with the MLBPA before this season got underway and it could easily be argued that there was a total lack of regard for JT doing what he did. But this is a player who has been to the WS 3 times in the last 4 years. He is a free agent and probably nearing the twilight of a great career. He deserved to be on that field with his teammates celebrating the win. I mean come on. How fair would it have been for him locked in isolation watching is teammates revel in the glory while he was caged up? Whatever “punishment” comes of this for him is well worth it in my eyes. He helped this team win this thing and he deserved to share the glory. And major kudos to Trevor Bauer for speaking out. This is a guy who plays the game hard and also carries that “I don’t give a flying f***” demeanor with him. He is killing the stigma that these ballplayers need to just shut up and play the game. And that’s what this sport needs!!!

      1. Fine article. I agree with Bauer. MLB has screwed this half ass season. Good on the Dodgers and fans.

    1. Hello kirk! It’s no secret Bauer wants to come here, especially after this WS win. He would certainly add to the rotation and I’m sure JT was glad to see Bauer stick up for him. Let the off season begin.

  5. All the torment the Dodgers have gone through over the years when participating in the World Series …..CHEATING….. for one ,and just a slap on the wrist to those who participated in this …..CHEATING….. Justin Turner did nothing wrong compared to that , the team understood this and was fine with JUSTIN’S decision and in any way , would he put anybody in real harm , they were with him the whole time during game 6 so they were exposed already , there may have been a little discomfort amongst the team and families but the decision was accepted to let him participate in celebrating and rightfully so .All the years he worked hard for was not to go in vain , not being able to participate with his teammate’s in joy . Harsher penalties should have been applied to the…..BLEMISHED….. World Series in the short past , so MANFRED think about that before you apply your so called punishment. JUSTIN you deserved to celebrate also !!! …..GOOD LUCK.

  6. They better investigate, given the dozens of players who’ve already died this year from the flu. The ‘bubble’ was never necessary to begin with, and anyone who can use their brain already knows that.

  7. The difference is he knew he was positive when he stepped on that field to celebrate. He didn’t earlier. And those team members have families they go home to including some older and with conditions that don’t need the added burden of the virus. He should have put on a mask .

  8. I can agree that JT isn’t the only one to blame, but isn’t it a bit of a coincidence that the test results for the prior day didn’t arrive till after the game started (even though games were delayed earlier in the year if tests hadn’t arrived) and then JT wasn’t removed from the game till the test results came in — immediately after the favored Dodger team MLB wanted desperately to win took the lead and JT got his final chance to seal the coffin. No reason to nail JT when the team and league obviously orchestrated the whole thing to begin with. And I guess you’re right Bauer, JT had been in the dugout with his teammates all day long. Who cares about the Rays, or the reporters or the fans who might have been exposed anyway??

  9. Glad that the esteemed Dr Bauer weighed in on this. Wait. Not a Dr? Oh. Pro athlete. Ok. Same thing. Just like celebrities.
    Whew. Got worried that somebody with no knowledge of infectious diseases was spouting off.

  10. If MLB told him no field celebration, off limits, then penalty should be severe. As a former athletic champion, I understand celebrating triumphs with teammates. But I also lament the general population missing out on many family milestones, and watching family deaths from beyond, etc. In their eyes, that surpasses a baseball victory. New rules for the rich and famous, LOL. Whatever they do is OK, like Kardashians. Give JT MUCH more than a slap on the wrist.

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