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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Receives An Unusually Thorough Foreign Substance Check

The Dodgers took game 1 from the Giants on Monday night Los Angeles. Trevor Bauer took the mound and tossed 6 innings allowing 2 runs on 2 solo homeruns. Overall, it was a pretty good night for Bauer. 

But there was also a moment that seemed to bug him during the game. Umpires are now required to do regular foreign substance checks on pitchers at the end of their innings, and one in particular caught the attention of Dodgers fans. 

As Bauer came off of the mound, umpires came over to him to do the check between innings. But home plate umpire Angel Hernandez also took it upon himself to check Bauer’s hands, which we have not seen happen in a Dodgers game since the new rule came about. 

While he was not asked about the check following his start, Bauer did give a hint about how he felt about it as he was leaving his press conference.

The entire rule is wild to begin with, but we’re learning more and more about how unclear the rule is. Mariners’ starter Hector Santiago just received a 10 game suspension after being tossed from a game even though he said that it was rosin. The league reportedly does not plan to check said substance any further, virtually leaving suspensions in the hands of impires.  

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The Dodgers pitcher has been one of the more outspoken against the way MLB rolled out the new rules. The general consensus seems to be that the league should have waited until the end of the season or done it at the beginning of this season. 

Just a few weeks into this new rule, and it’s already starting to look like a failure on the part of Major League Baseball. 

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