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Dodgers Walker Buehler: The Love of Golf that Came From Dad

At 5’8″ tall and 145 pounds, Tony Buehler couldn’t imagine his son having a future in the major leagues, so naturally he did what any other father would do, taught him the great game of golf.

Good thing for mama Buehler as Dodger fans are enjoying the start of Buehler’s career as a Dodger and the dawn of a new era as the Dodgers Ace. Since the whole pitching thing is working out for the kid, he’s been able to still enjoy golf during his time with the Dodgers.

We caught up with Walker at an event in Sherman Oaks hosted by High Brew Coffee and talked about the game and his involvement with High Brew:


From what he tells us, Joe Kelly, Will Smith and Jedd Gyorko are some of the guys that play on the team, but the guy he’s played with the most is Jose Vizcaino, a former Dodger play and now special assistant of baseball operations for the club.

Off camera, Walker told us that he’s currently a 9 handicap and his lowest round ever is a 79. From the little bit of putting practice we did see, you can tell how competitive Walker is with the game and it doesn’t look like he’ll have a hard time competing in those Pro-Ams with Tony Romo and Charles Barkley.



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