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Dodgers Writer Doesn’t See Corey Seager Moving Away from Shortstop

Every offseason — at least over last two-three years or so — you see the idea pitched by fans and pundits alike. Why don’t the Dodgers just move Corey Seager to third base and get another elite shortstop? Usually, those ideas involve Cleveland superstar Francisco Lindor. But there’s a problem with that.

Corey Seager is a shortstop… and that’s the way he wants it to stay.

This week, beat writer Ken Gurnick addressed the topic of Seager switching positions where he gave his 2 cents as an insider.

Corey Seager has never shown any willingness to be anything other than a shortstop. Coming off the season he just had, fully healthy, there’s no reason to think that will change any time soon, especially one year away from free agency and the payday of a lifetime.

The 2020 World Series MVP has heard the chatter for just about all of his career. The popular refrain being that he’s too tall to play shortstop. Many may not recall that Corey did, in fact, play third base in his rookie season. At least some. The second game of his career saw him as the starting 3B for the Dodgers. That season he made 4 starts and 6 appearances at the hot corner before taking the shortstop job away from Jimmy Rollins and never looking back.

At 6’4″, he may not develop into a Gold Glove winner at short, but he still has several years to be a good-to-great option up the middle. And for the Dodgers, instead of potentially toying with a position change for Seager, the focus should be on something much more important. 

A contract extension.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Contract extension please!!

    Friedman needs to stay away from ARBing our top talent until they’re 30 THEN giving them a big contract that goes into mid-to-late 30’s. The back end of those contracts could be brutal.

    Instead, pay these players for their prime years. Then, when they get into those 30-something years, you can go year-to-year or two-year contracts.

    Seager this year, Buehler, Urias, and Bellinger next year…

  2. Corey Seager is La Dodgers shortstop and I hope is that for the next 8-10 years. Corey looks good he made all the throws in 2020 and with a bat, he hit everything hard. Corey Seager, Mookie Betts, Codie Bellinger, and Buehler are the young core and I hope they are all dodgers for life.

  3. Seager is a decent defensive SS but not a great one. The Dodgers have a couple of young players they are high on that are reportedly better defensively like Amaya who will be coming up in a few years and Lux.
    Seager wants a big contract and to stay at a position defensively he is only average at.
    Shouldn’t a team, depending on their roster, be able to have players play in the positions that are better for the Team overall?
    The last time I looked it was a Team game! It’s not all about Mr. Seager.

    1. Seager is the best shortstop now and Dodgers need to stop shopping for inferior shortstops like lindor who I suspect takes steroids and probably didn’t take them last year and had bad year. Seager hasn’t had a bad year and scary part is he hasn’t hit his ceiling yet,like I being saying since last year he will be battling for batting titles while averaging 35 + hrs 100 + rbis.Sign him now cause him and Bellinger will be putting monster numbers for next 10 years.

  4. The question is: what is best for the team? If like you said he is never going to be a gold glover, perhaps 3B is the best place for the team. His biggest strength is his bat.

  5. I must have missed all the stories about how Fernando Tatis really needs to move to third because he is too tall to play shortstop. Same with the ones about Cal Ripken or Alex Rodriguez. Height is not the issue in 2020. Range may be. Reaction time may be. But we need to get away from this shortstops can only be 5′ 10″ story line.

  6. Seager is the best hitting shortstop in the game and will likely win an MVP before he’s through. If his defense was the difference between the the Dodgers winning or losing or if they had a youngster who’s hitting was forcing them to play him we could talk about it but it doesn’t and they don’t so why bother. Extend him now.

  7. Thus the focus should be on extending Corey being extended rather than a position change at this time. For now anyway it’s obvious that Seager wants to remain at SS.

  8. You should play a highlight reel of those catches Cory made jumping that a shorter shortstop wouldn’t have caught. Height can be an asset.

  9. Dodgers best shortstop Seager, best right fielder Betts, Best centerfielder Bellinger, Best first baseman Bellinger. Dodgers play Muncy for the great bat, he is above average defensive now. If a player can hit the Dodgers will find a position for him. Seagers will be at ss for the next few years.

  10. then Corey needs to put in the work to get better. last season his throwing was poor: too many throws died and ended up low or in the dirt. i think it was because he didn’t finish his arm swing. a little more snap after a well executed shuffle off an “archer position” throw mechanics.

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