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Former Dodgers Owner, Frank McCourt, to Buy Famous French Soccer Club

The name Frank McCourt is back in the media as he is about to buy a French soccer team for a lofty price! The previous Los Angeles Dodgers owner is looking to get back into sports by purchasing the Olympique de Marseille “football” club.

McCourt bought the Dodgers in 2003 from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for $430 million! While the Dodgers were under News Corp, they did not make the playoffs, so they were looking forward to some change with the new owner. The high hopes of McCourt were ultimately redeemed as he increased the worth of the team to $2 billion when he sold the team in 2012. McCourt’s home life brought in some difficulties for the team, but they did well despite the legal issues happening in the offices.

The question is, why a French soccer team? Marseille is struggling to keep up with its competition, so some believe McCourt is looking to “revitalize the team” and increase its worth, similar to his intentions with the Dodgers. It is projected that Marseille will sell for a little less than $45 million.

“Helping the club achieve success both on and off the pitch would be an honor and privilege. My ambition would be to help return the club to championship form, to deliver the best fan experience in all of football, to strengthen the club’s ties with supporters and the city of Marseille, and to guide the club to long-term financial stability.” – McCourt’s statement when asked about his intentions with the team

With the support of the team and its fans, the deal is expected to be finished by the end of the year. Hopefully this move will carry out the team’s motto, “Straight to Goal.”

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