Giants Ace Madison Bumgarner Yells At Alex Guerrero After Fly Out

With the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants meeting for the fifth time in eight days, Tuesday night was another look at Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw going toe-to-toe. It was the second time the left-handers were pitted against one another, though neither earned a decision the first time around.

Kershaw threw seven innings Tuesday for the first time this season, allowing two runs on seven hits and Bumgarner went eight innings, holding the Dodgers to one run on five hits. Kershaw said after the loss he was simply outpitched by Bumgarner.

While much of focus was on the rematch between the reigning MVP and All-Star MVP, there was an interesting development between Bumgarner and Alex Guerrero in the seventh inning. With the Dodgers trailing 2-1 and Guerrero leading off, he worked a full count before flying out to right field.

Guerrero spun out of the batter’s box and tossed his bat toward the Dodgers dugout, seemingly upset he missed a pitch that had been left over the plate. His reaction didn’t sit well with Bumgarner, who remained fixed on Guerrero and yelled in his direction as he made his way back to the dugout.

Bumgarner appeared to tell Guerrero, “You’re not that [expletive] good, man. You’re not that [expletive] good.” Guerrero, who hit a pinch-hit home run off Bumgarner on April 22, offered no reaction to the comments.

This of course isn’t the first time Bumgarner has had some sort of altercation with a Dodgers player. Last season, he and Yasiel Puig twice exchanged words with the second instance more serious than the first as benches cleared and both players had to be restrained and separated by teammates and umpires.


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  1. Baumgartner’s is an ass anyway. Gets his panties in a bunch real quick for some perceived slight all the time.

    1. I agree.. and sure Guerrero isn’t that good. Only good enough to hit a game tying HR off of him in SF. LOL

  2. I’d love to see the day when he plunks Puig again. I can’t imagine he won’t get an attitude adjustment from the Dodgers squad. He needs it…badly. I can’t stand the guy.

    1. He is a outstanding pitcher. You don’t have to like him.
      You have to beat him.
      When the Dodgers jumped into the D-Backs fountain in 2013, even Phoenix reporters said it. Don’t want the Dodgers to jump into the D-Backs fountain? Beat them.

      1. Your reply has zero relevance to what I said. I never said he was not a good pitcher.
        But he does have an attitude problem and I don’t like him. I didn’t ask you to agree with me.

  3. Dude… Get over yourself. It’s not all about you. Just because your folks saddled you with a girl’s handle doesn’t mean you have to act like a 13-year-old girl all the time.

  4. I saw Bum’s calling out Guerrero. Just what you could expect from a country hill billy racist with a negative attitude against Cubans. Yes a very good pitcher but a total jack ass otherwise.

  5. Didn’t Madison Bumgarner date a girl named Madison Bumgarner…that’s just weird

  6. why did the Dodgers let Madbum call out a team mate in Dodger stadium w/o pushing back? Dodgers shouldn’t let visitors dictate etiquette in our home. Fine if A-Gone and other Dodgers admonish Alex on batting/base-running etiquette, but not a visitor, not in Dodger stadium.

  7. Bum’s such a punk…. I remember when he hit Puig and after he got behind some of his players, he got his hillbilly courage up and threw down his glove and said “come on” What a joke, I’d pay $100 to watch the pay-per-view of that…. even though it would be as quick as the old Tyson fights!

  8. Typical reactions from a bunch of Dodger fan losers. Go win a ring or two then maybe the clowns on your team will learn how to act.

    1. Can you name another time something like this happened that you were okay with? Or is it only because the Giants did it that makes it okay? You know how many times I’ve seen Vogelsong get mad for making a bad pitch that he thought he could have executed better? Or even lame ass Peavy? They are both not that F**** good but nobody calls them out for it.
      Jeter and Kershaw would never be caught doing something like that. Now those are class acts. And so is Guerrero for not responding. The truth is Guerrero was good enough to hit a game tying shot in SF off of Madison.

      1. Clearly, game tying home runs in April (in a game you eventually lost) means more than

        1. Guerrero comes from a country where the citizens don’t have the fifth amendment, and are not encouraged to express themselves! Maybe baseball is a place where they feel free to show their passions, and their passion for the game! That being said, Guerrero did not do anything to disrespect Bumgarner when he was running to first base! Many baseball players react the same way that Guerrero did, when they hit a pop up! If anything, Bumgarner disrespected Guerrero that nite! Maybe Bumgarner believes that people who come to play baseball from outside of the U.S., don’t have the right to express themselves, like Amercan players do! Obivilously this is a Bumgarner problem, because he did the same thing to Puig, who has hit a few HRS off of Bumgarner! Bumgarner acts so tough, I would like to see Bumgarner have to risk his life to come to a free country! You

        2. Obviously it meant a lot to Madison. He looked pretty pissed off when he gave it up. Which was evident by his behavior towards Guerrero in this game. I’m still waiting to hear about another player that acted this way over a pop up.

    2. Act? Guerrero did nothing but go back to his dugout.
      It was Bum that acted up. It was innocent trash talk anyways.
      Only rookies and amateurs get stirred up by that.

  9. I wish we could start some funk with the Giants! We are rivals yet we have more beef with the D-Backs than them. MadBum still had his panties in a bunch from the game tying HR AG hit off him I guess.

  10. How embarrassing it would be to say, I’m from the gay bay. It’s so fitting, even the fans cry like bitches. Hahaha

  11. This is simple trash talk to get under the new guy’s skin.
    Rookies always fall for it and get stirred up.
    It’s just innocent trash so we can get over it.
    The fact that fans are getting stirred up shows it works.
    The first thing to do is get into a player’s head.
    No veteran falls for that.
    The way to beat that talk is to perform or shut up.
    Guerrero did the right thing and ignore him.

  12. June 2, 2015 Alex Guerrero hits a 9th inning pinch hit Grand Slam to put the Dodger ahead by 1 one in a game they eventually win. And it happened to be his 10th home run in 98 at bats this year. Guess he’s just not that F’ing Good…

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