Hyun-Jin Ryu Gets A Strike As Human Bowling Ball (VIDEO)

Hyun-Jin Ryu & Yasiel Puig

Los Angeles Dodgers fans have become increasingly acquainted with starting pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu over the past two years. Since his arrival from South Korea in 2013, the soft-spoken lefty has gone from looking like a bashful rookie to a camera-friendly commercial star.

Even in the Dodgers’ dugout and clubhouse, comical Instagram videos of him with joking with Yasiel Puig and horseplaying with Juan Uribe have shaped fans’ perception of the 28 year old.

Last year, Ryu starred in a commercial for a South Korean noodle company that featured a Clayton Kershaw lookalike and other teammates. More recently, Ryu was featured in another noodles commercial and rapped in one for a credit card company while also dancing to the Mission: Impossible theme song.

The latest video that has Ryu doing something other than playing baseball features him as a guest on a South Korean variety show called Running Man, in which he threw caution to the wind and acted as a human bowling ball. Ryu’s legs knocked down most of the pins and he grabbed the final few that were standing before sliding into a pool.

If you rewind to around the 19:00 mark, Ryu describes the day Yasiel Puig met Suzy (Bae Sue-ji) of the Korean music group, Miss A, when she threw the out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium.


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