Hyun-Jin Ryu Raps In Latest South Korean Commercial (VIDEO)

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Since debuting with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, Hyun-Jin Ryu’s popularity has steadily grown in Southern California. While Ryu’s made inroads with the Dodgers’ fan base, it pales in comparison to his rock star status in South Korea.

Upon returning to his native country, Ryu was met by hundreds of fans and media members. Ryu’s celebrity status in South Korea has led to him starring in multiple commercials. The latest features the 28 year old showing off his rapping and dancing skills in an advertisement for NH Card.

In the 20-second commercial, Ryu, dons a black-on-black blazer and dances alongside animated characters to the theme from Mission: Impossible, and looks every bit the K-Pop star. His credibility as a rapper, on the other hand, is proof that you can’t be great at everything.

As for on-field matters, Ryu is still rehabbing from inflammation in his left shoulder that is expected to keep him sidelined into May. He resumed throwing Tuesday, at submaximal effort, which has become a description of choice for the Dodgers dating back to Clayton Kershaw’s recovery last season.

Considering that the Dodgers don’t truly need a fifth starter with any regularity during the month of April, manager Don Mattingly said the club won’t rush Ryu’s recovery.

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