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It’s Official: Justin Turner Will Return Tuesday In Miami

Justin Turner may not be able to fix all of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ problems – but we know he will certainly try. Red Dream’s return date has been one circled on every Dodgers fan’s calendar since March. The date has finally arrived, as Turner will return in the team’s next game at Miami on Tuesday night.

Dave Roberts made this announcement following Sunday’s 5-3 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. The team will also get back Logan Forsythe the same night, as an added bonus.

Even if he can’t don Superman’s cape and single-handedly save the Dodgers, Turner’s return is more than just adding the influential leader in the clubhouse. Indeed, he had an OPS of .945 last season. Even a standard Turner year in that department will boost the production of the offense. Undeniably and equally important is that we will once again have the chance to watch a player who has cemented his place in Dodgers history.

Turner endeared himself in the hearts of Dodgers fans long before his biggest moment in blue last October. His 2017 NLDS home run was one that made you step back and say his flare for the dramatics is something other-worldly.

We are all in for a treat with Turner back in the middle of the lineup. In any case, his presence figures to give the young players in the lineup confidence during times of adversity. The Dodgers are in the midst of a 16-24 start. This marks the worst start in franchise history since 1958.

Without reservation, I don’t think this will fly on Turner’s watch for long.


Beyond the shot in the arm that the Dodgers are about to receive from a chemistry standpoint, Turner is a run producer. He has twice posted an on-base percentage above .400 as a Dodger, and has been over .370 three times. Turner being on base has a direct correlation with guys like Cody Bellinger, Matt Kemp and others seeing more hitter’s pitches. Based on track record and mathematics, it would be virtually impossible for the Dodgers to not improve by upgrading the pair of Max Muncy and Kyle Farmer with a player like Turner. Tuesday night can’t arrive quickly enough.

If the Dodgers are going to circle the wagons in 2018 – this is the starting point.

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  1. Turners bat won’t magically transform this lousy team. Neither will Forsythes Mendoza line hitting.

    1. Thought that Logan showed his true self when the lights were the brightest; last postseason. I really believe people forgot how good he can be. Hopefully soon this shows up.

      1. That is pretty much the only time he has performed so far since being a Dodger. How good he can be doesn’t matter, how good he hasn’t been does Clint. His true NL “colors” are about .230

  2. It will take weeks for Turner to play like we’re accustomed to him playing, so don’t look for an immediate turnaround. This team is riddled with problems, but it is certainly a welcomed relief to see him back. Maybe, just maybe, Roberts can put together a starting lineup that he can stick to rather than constantly moving everyone around. Find your “A” team and play them consistently. Roberts has become as inconsistent as the performance of his players.

    1. Even if he goes 0 for his first 15…. I’m going to smile because he’s out there. Agree, patience should be exercised with Turner. A past example is Freddie Freeman; who didn’t see his power sapped too badly last season after returning from the same injury.

  3. Love the Dodger’s I do, but a realist I am. There’s no way they are going anywhere this year. Kershaw has pitched pitched too many innings to be counted on as an ace anymore. Taylor had a one hit wonder season, and Brandon Morrow should have NEVER been allowed to walk. Not to mention the ludicrous decision not to operate on Seager’s elbow 6 months ago. They gambled against very high odds and to no surprised lost. I love my boys in blue, but most of this was just self inflicted & no one to blame but themselves. Luckily we are still a pretty young team with a deep farm and pocket books. 2019 can’t get here soon enough.

  4. First I’ll say the team is looking bad, no doubt. But the reason I have hope for this season is
    1. The last 4 yrs they started slow and then streaked
    2. They had a horrible losing streak last yr, much worse than this one, it just didn’t happen until they had a big lead
    3. We have been without our best hitter (Turner),set up reliever (Koehler) and had an ailing Seager bogging down the batting order.

    I’m not predicting they will win 95 games but I have reason to believe they will turn this around.

    1. I’m ready for a streak Daniel… seems like it’s been too long. I can’t believe we really won 8 of 9 this season at one point.

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