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MLB News: Bauer’s Sandlot Game is TONIGHT at 7 PM

We finally have details on Trevor Bauer’s sandlot game! The Reds’ pitcher took to Twitter to make the special announcement that we have all been waiting for. 

You can stream the game on the Momentum YouTube channel, or check back here in this post. As the game goes live we will have the link to make sure you get to watch this historic game.

Details on who will be playing in Bauer‘s sandlot game have not yet been released, and very few other details are available. But players getting to play when MLB called off all other games is HUGE news.

Tune in!!! 

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  1. Trevor Bauer is turning out to be a leader. His ability to think out of the box, speak his mind with reasoned thoughtfulness and willingness to take initiative all make him a standout guy. After a few early years of coming across as blunt and mean he appears to be morphing into a player that can impact the game in positive ways. Maybe he’ll even become the commissioner when he retires!

    1. He’s the same as he ever was it’s just that no one wanted to listen to him before, it made them uncomfortable or they felt like their team was disrespected so they didn’t want to accept it. People that speak the truth often get crucified and later the masses realize they were right.

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