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MLB News: Trevor Plouffe Confirms a Likely July Start Date

Rumors have flying around the MLB as to when baseball will get started, and July seems to be the consensus. Bob Nightengale of USA Today confirmed the other day that sources confirmed to him that July 4th was a reasonable start date for Opening Day.

Today, we get a very similar confirmation of that rumor by former MLB player Trevor Plouffe. Plouffe, who hosts the Talkin’ Baseball podcast with Jomboy, confined that he received word from multiple sources on a start date. 

A three week Spring Training followed by a July 1st start date sounds accurate, based on the rumors that most in MLB media have reported so far. It would also lineup with the timeline that players felt they would need to get ramped back up for the season.

Obviously, this has not been confirmed in any way by any MLB official. There would still need to be a lot of moving parts to get something like this going, and the schedule is an obstacle in of itself. It seems likely that fans will not be able to attend games for a good chunk of this season, but it’s unclear how the season will be played out in general. 

In Nightengale’s article last week, he noted that MLB teams would be able to utilize their home ballparks for the next Spring Training. One of the noted challenges of this format is that teams would be limited to playing intrasquad games in cities without two teams. It seems likely that the Dodgers would be playing the Angels, should this become a realistic option. 

As rumors and news begins to pour in, Dodgers Nation will continue to provide you with any updates! 

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