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MLB Will Allow CBD Sponsorships For New Jersey Patches

Big league sponsorships are coming to players’ uniforms, there’s no way around it. Like it or not, MLB approved that as a part of the new CBA discussions, and it’s expected to bring in a bunch of revenue for teams. Naturally, fans haven’t received the news very well.

But MLB teams will be rocking sponsored patches on their uniforms as soon as the 2023 season. That would presumably include the Dodgers, because why miss out on the opportunity to make some free money?

But in an interesting twist, MLB just approved sponsorship patches for CBD brands. In order to be approved, those brands need to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, per the Sports Business Journal. They also added that the brands could not feature “psychoactive levels” of THC in their products to qualify.

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MLB is just the latest league to add sponsorship patches into the mix. The NBA has been doing it and the NHL will be joining baseball next year with an introduction of their own. CBD companies will also be allowed to air commercials during games as part of the approval.

Sports Business Journal estimates that CBD market is closing in on nearly $5 billion, so it makes sense that MLB would want to get their hands in the pot.

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