Open Letter To Logan White, Who Left A Lasting Impression

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The player I wanted, Clayton Kershaw, was rumored to be snatched by the Detroit Tigers, who picked one spot ahead of the Dodgers. When Detroit’s pick rolled around, I braced myself for the inevitable. Listening to the broadcast online, when Jimmie Lee Solomon announced the selection, I began mouthing “Clayton Kershaw” to myself, only to hear Andrew Miller’s name instead.

Shocked, I stared, mouth agape, at the computer screen, unable to process what just happened. Solomon came back with the Dodgers’ pick, Kershaw, and I yelled like I had won the lottery.

In 2011, I took my first trip to Spring Training. That was the first time I had the opportunity to meet White. One morning, as the writers were waiting for Mattingly’s briefing, I saw him walk past but didn’t attempt to introduce myself.

Later, I saw him talking to a writer and tried to sidle up next to him, but to no avail. Defeated, I went to the backfields where I watched the Minor Leaguers play when I suddenly noticed someone standing about five feet to my right. It was White.

I immediately went over and introduced myself and a few days later we were sitting in his office, talking about prospects. It was a dream come true.

Over the past three years, White has been amazingly kind to me and, while his schedule doesn’t always allow for him to talk with bloggers who are obsessed with the Dodgers’ farm system, he’s made time to have conversations with me and, for that, I’m truly grateful.

It will be a new chapter for him and for the organization, and I wish both of them the best of luck.

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  1. Hi Jared–you do a great job! Saw you reference to “Scout.com”–tried to go there, seems it is gone. I’m also a Dodger and Dodger farm fanatic, and would like to ask you for the best sites to follow the team and get inside information and opinions on young players–any players for that matter–including international. Thanks! Emerson/Lake

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