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Photos: Sydney Cricket Ground Prepares For Opening Series

As the Los Angeles Dodgers continue their preparation for the Opening Series in Australia, which is now exactly two weeks away, workers at Sydney Cricket Ground have been transforming the cricket field to a proper configuration for a baseball game.

Part of that process includes laying down the dirt and clay, and then evening it out. Perhaps one of the more tedious steps includes building the pitcher’s mound and getting it to the appropriate height. The grounds crew has also been busy constructing the outfield fence and building dugouts that resemble those in traditional baseball stadiums.

The Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks won’t be the first MLB teams to play a game in the famed cricket stadium. In 1914, the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox played a series of games against New South Wales. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks may need to adjust to subtle differences the grounds may present, but aesthetically, the finished product appears it will be on par with any other baseball field.

Here’s a gallery of pictures showing the progress that’s being made:

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