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Postseason Roster Spot For Dodgers’ Pedro Baez Seems Unlikely

Time is of the essence for some of the players trying to secure a spot on the postseason 25-man roster.

Dave Roberts has opened up the opportunity for most players on the 40-man roster and has left that door wide open for them to go out and compete throughout the tail end of the season. Nowadays, that patience is thin and time is running out for some candidates to fill voids.

The position players seem to have been taken care of, with the exception of left field and catcher. The focus has now shifted towards the dilemma in the bullpen. The bullpen has turned into one of the Dodgers’ issues over the last 30 days, and there are concerns with one player in particular: Pedro Baez.

Something isn’t right, because those numbers are simply tough to look at-especially considering that Roberts has publicly stated that the team needs Baez and that he believes in him.

However, he’s certainly on his way towards not being included on the postseason roster in two weeks. Roberts simply has to go with the hot hands, and Baez hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunities or support.

It remains unclear why his numbers have become so gruesome after the All-Star break, but there’s been no reported injuries that he could have suffered. The most likely conclusion is that he simply has lost confidence, command, and the ability to hold a game while making his appearances.

In Tuesday night’s game against the Phillies, Pedro Baez was called upon to hold the lead in the 7th inning. Baez gave up a triple, hit a batter, and walked a couple (one with the bases loaded), but somehow managed to get a couple of fly-ball outs.

This is what happened next, with the bases loaded and two outs:

It’s going to take exceptional pitching efforts throughout games with possible matchups against the Brewers, Diamondbacks, Rockies, Cubs, Nationals and the American League winner in October.

The fans cringe whenever they see Baez warming up in the bullpen. At this point, it seems like Baez won’t be on the postseason roster. Hopefully other guys like Brandon Morrow and Ross Stripling can step up and provide some stability in the later innings leading up to Kenley Jansen.

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  1. In this instance, the fans could easily see that Baez should not be called upon in close situations, but Roberts is a stubborn man and allowed Baez so much latitude which resulted in his collapse and Dodger losses. Roberts is to blame equally with Baez. Good grief Roberts.

  2. Note to Dave…don’t pull a 1985 like Lasorda did…don’t allow Baez to be your Tom Niedenfuer…..leave him off the roster.

  3. Gotta leave Baez & Stripling off, they r not dependable, bueller send to get 2 outs then hammer time. Plus if these bats don’t come alive. Look out.againt the national bill pen L.A. couldn’t buy a hit.

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