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Recap: Dodgers Offense Lackluster in Loss to Angels

Mike Bolsinger struggled in his 2016 debut as the Dodgers fell to the Angels by a final score of 8-1. Bolsinger only managed to go 4 1/3 and allowed three earned on seven hits. Coming off of the DL, the right-hander was only expected to go about about 80 pitches.

The offense struggled to get anything going against Nick Tropeano. Corey Seager got the first Dodgers hit in the fourth inning, which was one of eight on the night for the club.

The Dodgers threatened in the seventh as they loaded the bases with no outs, but failed to score following a strikeout and a double play.

The final game of the 2016 Freeway Series is Thursday night at 7:05 p.m. at Angel Stadium. Scheduled starters for tomorrow:

Ross Stripling, Dodgers

Jhoulys Chacin, Angels

Photo: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout got the scoring started early with a solo shot in the first, his 9th of the season.

Joc Pederson tied the game at 1-1 with a two out single in the fourth.

In the fifth the Angels put the game seemingly out of reach for the Dodgers by scoring five runs.

Then two more in the sixth.

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  1. I for one, am tired of all the excuse’s for this team. Bad karma? BS. The genius’s up in the Ivory Tower purposely decided months ago during the off-season, to put together a pitching staff of retread starters and a bull pen that is STILL a joke. All the, “well we’ve got a lot of players on the DL and when they get back all we’ll be fine”, enablers and excuse makers can keep putt’in “lipstick on the pig”, but it still isn’t gunna make it pretty. Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir, Wood, Blanton, all retreads that are being paid millions to do a job, that other teams have let go because they aren’t reliable pitchers. But don’t worry, those metric guys will hire ’em all. The Dodger faithful have been handed a line of BS about owners wanting a WS team, but if we put Magic on TV, those adoring and faithful Dodger fans will eat it up. They have and they’ll will keep fill’in the Ravine as long as they give away booble heads and Dodger whoopee cushions. What happens about August, when the paying fans realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the guys with all the money, that keep lett’in the propeller heads buy’in used band-aids? Will they keep com’in and keep quiet while Magic keeps throw’in ’em a bone and say’in, “Don’t worry, we got BIG plans for 2017.” Yeh, probably.

  2. Not a really good team, not a very bad team. Just the same team we have had for decades regardless of who is the head coach, GM, GM assistant, base coach, bullpen coach, owner……….the fact of athletics, you must have really good players.  We have too many holes where we do not have really good players.  We have experiments like Puig where we hang on too long.  And, we never have any urgency early in the season. We always talk that its October that matters, not May and June.  What the Dodgers don’t understand is how winners should be working toward and wanting to win just as badly in the beginning as in the end.  Unless of course you don’t have those type of players, and full circle we have gone.

  3. battleon  It is as I have stated numerous times, a mediocre team. The so called bread and butter man, A-Gone, has only hit 4 HR’s this year, and the kids are supplying the runs. Guys you counted on last year are not doing the job…Grandal, Turner, Kendrick and Kike. The pitching staff is noticeably not as good. Anderson was at least reliable. A 6 man rotation with this team is a huge mistake. CK needs to be out there every 5th day. Maeda might need that kind of rest, and maybe Kazmir and Stripling. But Kershaw needs to be out there. Not getting a solid #2 during the winter was a huge mis step by the Bargain Bin Boys. The BP has no real long man, and the bench is thin without SVS and Ethier.

  4. Michael Norris battleon They should have figured that as Agon got older, he would’nt be able to carry a team as before. Age brings injuries. Back to our supposed depth, when you have dependable everyday starters, you can when needed plug in players a step below. But all, or most of our lineup is just about equal. So how is that depth? Just play the youth and see what we really have. As Mike said, this is not a team that will challenge for much. This will take vision and time, as with the Lakers.

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