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Red Sox Discover Loophole in Shift Ban Most Likely to be Used by Dodgers

The banning of shift in the upcoming 2023 season is something a lot of players have been looking forward to. Dodger fans have seen the shift struggles of past players like Edwin Rios, Cody Bellinger, Joey Gallo to the point where they are no longer with the team. Even current players like Max Muncy are feeling a little bit more confident about the upcoming rule changes.

As a reminder, the shift ban is a new rule MLB put in place that requires two players be on dirt and on each side of second base. That’s it and with that, the Boston Red Sox exploited a loophole:

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As you can see in the video, the Red Sox moved their center fielder, Adam Duvall over into right field where normally they would have moved Justin Turner over from 3rd to cover that shift. Something that Dodger fans are familiar with from the way the Dodgers implemented their shift.

Let’s hope MLB makes a decision on this soon because if this is implemented the way I think it’ll be implemented, what’s the point of changing the shift rules at all?


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