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Rob Manfred Loses Baseball, Dodgers & MLB Players vs Astros, and More! | Blue Heaven Podcast

At a time where we’re all supposed to be excitedly talking about Mookie and 2020 Dodgers, instead baseball has left us no choice but to live in 2017 again. MLB players are at war with the Astros and commissioner Rob Manfred… the wonder is “how the hell did this get to this point?”

On today’s show:

  • Taking the Show on the Road 
  • Let’s Bash (on Some Astros)
  • Bellinger Jersey Giveaway Winner
  • Rob Manfred: Public Enemy Number One
  • Who Do We Hate More?


Joined by our friend, and Dodgers Nation postgame host Doug McKain, there is so much to break down from a long weekend of arguments between players, teams, and the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

After we jump into some comments and pay a few bills, Brook tears into the Astros storyline and we dig in way too much to the Jose Altuve tattoo narrative. It’s seriously surprising how much people wanted to talk about the tattoo. And with the tattoo comes buzzer/no buzzer talk.

The Astros punishment continues to be a laughing stock in baseball, and it led to a war of words between players all around the game. However, a huge focus has been on Cody Bellinger and Carlos Correa’s back and forth and we look at how Correa set himself up for major failure.

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Next, Rob Manfred faced the media 3 times in 3 days and ultimately struck out each time. His most questionable comment turned out to be his de-valuation of the World Series trophy — something that irked Justin Turner and other MLB stars. Additionally, the guys go all-in on the idea of precedence among other things.

The question ultimately comes: is Manfred the worse commissioner in sports? And are the Astros now officially more hated than the Giants amongst Dodgers fans?

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  1. Lots of talk about the Astros, and how other players feel cheated. Well, what about the fans. I attended games 6 and 7 at Dodger stadium, spent $2,800 for two tickets for game 6, and $3,400 for game7, only to find out the games were not legit.

    To top it off, I ran into Altuve at the hotel, told him I was a Dodger fan, but I was looking forward to seeing a great game. I wished him good luck and he said thanks. Little did I know.

    So how about reparations for the fans?

  2. I have Been A Dodgers Fan for more than 60 years. The Dodgers should NOT be declared the 2017 WS Champs…..however the Astros SHOULD HAVE BEEN STRIPPED and this all would be OVER!

    1. I’m all for stripping Astros title if you strip every champion who had a player using steroids and fellow cheaters like La Russa teams,Bobby Thompson HR,etc. The champions list might look like Swiss cheese, but at least it would punish every team that cheated in some way. It would be hypocritical not to do it that way.

  3. Agree with Wally. Now that commish has verified they cheated through the playoffs, he should reconsider and strip the Astros. As more evidence is found, commish can say, ” under further review ” I’m forced to strip the lying, cheating Astros.

  4. Here here! I have been a Dodger fan as long as I can remember, and we don’t want the 2017 Trophy, though if the a*stros wouldn’t have cheated, odds are our guys would have won it. Their apologies are laughable, all of them. Each one includes a but … Altuve knew about the cheating, at the very least! You said NOTHING while your team stole a WS, and you stole an MVP. Erase them from the records, at the very least asterisk the 2017 stats for all Astros, they electronically cheated to reach this achievement. Period.

  5. If you suspend the manager and the general manager, you suspend the entire team! You rescind the trophy and make them return the monies they made in the post season. There suspensions will be without pay. That’s the way you deal with it!! See if you can find some remorse in them, then!!!

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