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Sandy Koufax: 1963 Jersey Sells For Over $429,000 Breaking Franchise Memorabilia Record

For the price of a nice home in most regions of the country, you could have owned a Sandy Koufax jersey. It wasn’t just any jersey – Koufax wore the uniform piece during his 1963 MVP season for the Dodgers. This past Saturday night, the jersey sold for $429,625 in an auction completed by a company called Goldin Auctions. The sale price breaks the Dodgers’ memorabilia record.

As usual, Darren Rovell was all over it days prior:

So why would anyone – an unnamed bidder in this case – pay that kind of coin for a uniform? As a person who is into collecting, this is something I would do about anything to hang on my own wall in my man cave.

The 1963 season holds significance because it was something out of a dream for both Koufax and the Dodgers. It was during that season that Koufax went 25-5 with a 1.88 ERA. Before the days of innings limits, he struck out 306 hitters in 311 innings pitched. These are the type of numbers you don’t see in baseball present-day. The Dodgers went on to sweep the Yankees in the World Series.

“The rarity of Koufax, game-worn memorabilia combined with its impeccable authenticity and the fact that it was from perhaps his greatest season … makes it truly special,” said Ken Goldin, Founder of Goldin Auctions, which hosted the auction.

Before Clayton Kershaw, Koufax was the icon arm of Dodger Blue during our fathers’ and grandfathers’ eras. This is a timeless item that is sure to appreciate in value as the years go on.

Brownie points to anyone out there in the comments section who can identify what the previous Dodgers record memorabilia item was. And to the independently wealthy individual who was lucky enough to take home this giant score; I have a 1989 Kirk Gibson figure (opened) and a Vin Scully bobblehead I am willing to offer in a trade for the ’63 Koufax jersey. Straight up.

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