The 2017 Dodgers: A Season to Remember

A Season to Remember

In the off-season, something rare happened. I got exactly what I wished for: Rich Hill for my birthday, JT and Kenley for Christmas, and Chase Utley for Valentines Day.

Little did I know then that it was all part of a plan.

Chris Taylor, adored by Dodgers Twitter last season but by few others, had an incredible spring training but still started the season at OKC. Cody Bellinger hit some bombs and turned some heads. That spring training, seemingly so long ago now, was somehow all part of a plan.

Through a series of connections formed through Dodgers Twitter, I was asked to start contributing to Dodgers Nation, though I have no professional writing experience. If I’d known how easy it would be to write about my love of baseball and the Dodgers, I’d have tried to start doing it sooner. But, it seems, it was all part of a plan.

Despite an exciting Opening Day, April was not exactly awe-inspiring in its play or results. The team muddled through, and had to make a few roster changes to accommodate injuries to regular players.

All part of a plan. Hello, everyday Chris Taylor, and welcome to The Show for good, Cody Bellinger. Then, absolute madness ensued, and our Dodgers treated us to a glorious summer for the ages.

I’d been trying to get back out to my Happy Place, Dodger Stadium, since I had gone for the first time in Sept 2016 and was lucky enough to see them clinch the division in person, but this year, financial constraints were preventing me from seeing this team in person, and it was tough. I wanted nothing more than to see This Team in person. Then, as though part of a plan, I lost my job unexpectedly in September and found myself with the available time and access to previously unavailable finances, allowing me to resolve to get to the World Series if, but only if, the Dodgers should get there.

I also had time to watch a lot of baseball. All of it. So I sat through every inning of that excruciating losing streak, even the awful Arizona games with Steiner on the call, and that painful, rain delayed Giants game that ended at 6:10am my time. I was there for it all, as though part of a plan. That streak, along with the job loss, made me appreciate the wins even more and reminded me to never take anything for granted. I missed my work life and adjusted to a new routine, but through it all, for better or for worse, I had Dodgers baseball to get me through.

As though it was part of a plan.

The postseason arrived and our boys easily handled the D-Backs and the Cubs, and I made it out to LA for Games 1 and 2, beyond even my wildest dreams.

The games in Houston were at times thrilling, excruciating, painful, and joyous, just like the wild ride of the regular season. All part of a plan.

Then, in Game 6 of the World Series, our previously mentioned off-season gifts took us to the holy grail, Game 7 of the World Series. Rich Hill kept them in the game, JT drew a key walk, Kenley pitched a 6-out save, and Chase scored the go-ahead run after getting hit by a Justin Verlander pitch.

It’s as though everything that had happened to that point was part of a plan.

Though Game 7, and as a result, the season, ended in heartbreaking fashion, there is much to be grateful for. Dodgers baseball continued to be there for me, for a lot of us, through life’s ups and downs, as though it’s all part of a plan.

What exactly that plan is remains to be seen, but I have a feeling it will all become clear sooner than later, and have no doubt it will continue to be a memorable ride.

Thank you, Dodgers, for a season that will never, ever, be forgotten.

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Gail Johnson

Biggest Dodgers fan north of the border, living about 3,500 miles from my beloved Boys In Blue, in Moncton, NB, Canada. I think Dodger Stadium is the happiest place on Earth. I'll catch up on my sleep in the off-season.


  1. You should follow up this post with a list of all of their record achievements, too. They’re still number one in 2017, for a reason. : )

  2. I’m glad someone else is choosing to remember this season for all the Highs, not the one final low. Being a baseball fan is in my opinion different from being a football fan in that the season is so long, with so many games, that the joy of a really solid regular season (and 104 wins certainly qualifies) in my mind outweighs anything that can happen in October. I still remember the 1985 season as fondly as the 1988 season, simply because LA had so many stars that year and had such a fine regular season (95-67). This season is no different. this team will have another chance next season.

  3. I will remember the season with fond memories. As heartbroken as everyone was, there were so many “highs” and records broken that can’t be forgotten. Going through Dodger baseball withdrawals now. See you in spring training!

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