Vin Scully Explains Reason For Sharing Stories On Players

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One thing that every Los Angeles Dodgers fan can agree upon is how great legendary broadcaster Vin Scully is at calling baseball games.

Scully, who is known for his infamous personal greetings prior to first pitch, “It’s time for Dodger Baseball!” and “Hi everybody, and very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be,” joined the Dodgers when the franchise was still in Brooklyn.

In 1950, Scully accompanied Red Barber and Cornelius Desmond in the Dodgers broadcasting booth. Over the years, Scully’s calls of games have included personal anecdotes on Dodgers and opposing players. In an interview on AM 570 LA Sports, Scully discussed his reasons for including delving into the personal lives of players:

These [players] are not wind-up dolls, these are human beings playing this game. If I can get them related to the listener or the fan… You start to make the players human. It is just something that evolved over the years.

This aspect of Scully’s broadcasts are what make him so great and revered. He’s also extremely humble and gracious of any attention or praise he receives. If a fan waves to him during the game, he will calmly stand up and wave back.

Scully began his broadcasting career in 1950 when Red Barber, the Dodgers announcer at the time, recruited him. After Barber left the Dodgers for the New York Yankees in 1953, Scully covered the World Series as the Dodgers just so happened to be playing the Yankees.

At age 25, Scully became the youngest person to ever broadcast a World Series game, which is a record that still stands today. Few people are lucky enough to stay around the game as long as Scully has, and at the age of 87, he continues to teach people how to love this great game of baseball.

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  1. Dodger Fan’s very BEST Friend indeed… Now IF ONLY we could WATCH and LISTEN that TRULY would be this LIFETIME FANS DREAM…..

  2. couple thoughts on mr vincent scully: first, the math doesnt add up, agewise. its seems like he should actually be maybe 90yrs old already? which of course is even more amazing and more of a blessing to his good health and longevity (not bashing him, just trying to figure out if im right or not)

    second: ive noticed that vin has more stories about the men on opposing teams than the dodgers players themselves. last season my father inlaw noticed and began to call vinny a ‘hater’ because he talks about the other team more than the dodgers. i tried to explain that after all these yrs and 162 game/yr, vinny has pretty much told us everything about current and past dodgers that there is to tell, so he talks about the other guys that we dont hear as much about. pretty simple, to me, and doesnt bother me one bit

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