WBC News: Team Great Britain Caught Flack for Their Simple Uniforms, Then it Got Worse

The World Baseball Classic is in full swing and there have been some incredible moments already in just a few days of the event. Team Puerto Rico just completed the first ever perfect game in the history of the WBC. Team USA has received and dished out beatdowns. But the most important thing that has come from the WBC so far has been the simple uniforms worn by Team Great Britain.

Here’s what those uniforms looked like for their first game against Team USA.

The memes and retweets went wild online. The fact that these uniforms look like someone literally opened a Word document and typed GREAT BRITAIN with a line break in some sort of generic font did not go unnoticed.

Teams like USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Japan… these are all teams that have been in this tournament now for its nearly two-decade existence. As such, each club’s uniform design has a certain level of hey look, some thought was put into this. As for the English team, this is their first time ever qualifying for the event having done so back in September of last year. So it’s understandable that things like what are we going to wear might have missed the checklist.

For what it’s worth, it didn’t seem to affect Dodgers outfielder Trayce Thompson who hit a home run in his first at-bat and is batting .300 so far in the tourney.

Some users, like our friends at Jomboy Media gave Team Great Britain a few more font options as alternates.

Comic Sans. Wing Dings. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Having caught enough grief on the internet, it looks like someone scrambled to fix the situation and new jerseys were found on the field and in the merch store at Chase Field.

Better. Cleaner. More uniform-y. But, one problem popped up. Letters fell off.

Now it’s awesome for the game that baseball is gaining some steam in the UK. And really, it shouldn’t matter what you play in, it’s all about the game. But it probably would have helped at least a little bit if someone somewhere at some time sent a text asking “hey…what are we going to do about our jerseys?” But, you know, sooner than apparently immediately before the tournament.

Anyway, that’s everything up to the moment in Team Great Britain jersey news.

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