2012 Dodgers Blogger Night : Guest Speakers, Bloggers, and Fans!

Last night I was able to attend the 5th annual Dodgers Blogger Night hosted by the Dodgers.

The experience was nothing short of amazing.

It’s the first game after the All-Star break and Clayton Kershaw is on the bump. We have the return of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, and to top it off it’s Friday Night Fireworks night.

I walk into a suite full of great Dodgers staff and bloggers from around the web. At this point I went into full ‘smile and nod’ mode. This technique worked for a few moments before I realized there were already bobbleheads on display, no need for another one.

First off, I met Jared (a minor-league guru) from Scout.com and Dustin from FeelinKindaBlue.com, another minor-league guru who made the trip out all the way from Sacramento.

Both great guys and I look forward to working with them in the future.

We didn’t chat long before Ned Colletti entered the room in cowboy boots. He was very friendly and straight forward, probably the same approach taken before sending Elian Herrera down to AAA before the game.

Ned Colletti Highlights:

  • We might have one or two untouchables in our farm. Didn’t say who, but maybe Zach Lee?
  • When asked about Puig, Ned believes that “We don’t have anyone in our minor leagues with that type of power.”
  • Acquiring new starting pitching could lead to a bullpen role for Chad Billingsley. Ned didn’t exactly say this, it was more a question someone asked and he didn’t dispute it. I took this more of less as a nudge to get Billingsley going.
  • When asked about Chase Headley, “I’d hate to let you guys down.” Ouch, but then again Manny Ramirez was unlikely as well.
  • It was asked if Juan Uribe was an option to be released if we acquire a new third basemen. Ned’s response, “we’ll cross that bridge if (when) we get there.”
  • It was asked if we might see AAA prospect John Fields. Ned replies, “It’s been talked about and discussed.”

After Ned was through with questions, Stan Katsen was introduced to the group. He was very nice and warned us that he can be sarcastic and attempt humor. Sounds like me. He dives right into telling stories and answering questions.

Stan Katsen Highlights:

  • Stan mentioned how he wants Dodgers Stadium to be kid friendly and offer more for families to do around the stadium before and during games.
  • Wifi and Cell service reception came up and he hopes to have that addressed by next season. (I was able to get 4G no problem and create a mobile hotspot for a few bloggers).
  • Stan doesn’t plan on having to veto any trade request and he and Ned work closely through the day and nights this time of year.

Vin Scully comes on the air to broadcast the game and Stan graciously bows out to let us enjoy the game.

During the game I was able to meet many other bloggers:

  • Roger from SaveTheDodgers.com
  • Ron from ThinkBlueLA.com
  • Roberto from VinScullyIsMyHomeboy.com
  • Ken, Albert, Earnest, John, and a few others!

I was also about to meet a great guy in team historian Mark Langill.

If that wasn’t enough the night ended with a victory against the Padres and fireworks to enjoy!

Thank you to the Dodgers for hosting this wonderful event.

Thank you for giving us a chance to interact with the Dodgers and each other in a way only possible once a year, at this event!

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