2017 Postseason Stats: Comparing The Dodgers, Yankees, And Astros

The Astros and the Yankess will play Game 7 of the ALCS on Saturday at 5:08 p.m. PT. The Astros made the series seem like it was going to be a short one, winning the first two by a score of 2-1. However, the Yankees battled back and won the next three in a row. The series then went back to Houston and the Astros destroyed the Yankees, putting up seven runs compared to the Yankees’ three.

A seven-game series was the best-case scenario for the Dodgers, so now who should they root for to win? We asked our followers on Twitter at @DodgersNation and the results clearly favored New York.

The Dodgers did not seem to have any weaknesses against the Diamondbacks or the Cubs. In eight games so far, the Dodgers have put up a slash line of .273/.378/.494 this postseason. In comparison, the Astros have put up a slash line of .241/.321/.396 and the Yankees have put up a slash line of .217/.297/.386.

Well maybe the Astros and Yankees are really good at hitting early or late in the game, but not both? Well, they’re still not better than the Dodgers in those categories. In innings one through six, the Dodgers have a slash line of .265/.364/.476. The Astros and Yankees, on the other hand, have put up slash lines of .227/.317/.380 and .228/.294/.397, respectively.

From the seventh inning on, the Dodgers are still better than both of their potential opponents. Los Angeles’ slash line increases to .295/.411/.538, and the Astros’ and Yankees’ slash lines become .273/.330/.434 and .194/.303/.363, respectively.

So the Dodgers have been more successful at the plate, but what about on the mound? Surprisingly, the stats are pretty competitive. Check out the numbers for just starting pitchers below!

Dodgers 42.1 3.19 .196 0.94
Astros 56.0 3.38 .244 1.20
Yankees 60.0 3.00 .176 1.03

A look at the numbers for relievers is where we see arguably the Dodgers’ most intimidating factor. That statements holds weight when the starting rotation has pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and the lineup has batters like Justin Turner. The bullpen has just been that good. What is most impressive is the WHIP, which is the average number of hits and walks allowed by a pitcher. Combine this bullpen with an opponent whose offense is hitting .194 (Yankees) from the seventh inning on and it’s just not fair.

Dodgers 28.2 32 12 .125 0.49
Astros 30.0 27 30 .256 1.43
Yankees 47.1 60 29 .177 1.01

So it’s clear that the Dodgers have been more successful wholeistically than both of their potential opponents. However, I wouldn’t say that either the Astros or Yankees stand out as an easier matchup for the Dodgers. The Yankees offense has been pretty terrible, and matched up against elite Los Angeles pitching would be great. But the Yankees pitching has been pretty solid, and the Dodgers could benefit from hitting off of Astros pitchers not named Justin Verlander.

With all of this information, who do you want the Dodgers to face in the World Series? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


  1. Dodgers vs Yankees match would be epic, after the loss in 1977. It would redemption time. Now the Astros it would be tough because Verlander is a beast! Kershaw has to be on his A game 1000 percent, to beat Astros. I am saying it is going to be a pitchers game.

  2. The better team does not always win. The Dodgers finished 102 and 60 in 1974 but still lost to the Oakland A’s. It doesn’t always come down to stats of any kind to support what is essentially a prediction. Its a play at the plate the way the ball bounces a fluke base hit that can some times turn a series around. Little things like that can be the turning point in a series. You just never know……………..

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