Adrian Gonzalez Believes Dodgers Were Better Than The Giants

[new_royalslider id=”319″] The storied rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants added another chapter last season after the two teams did something for the first time since 2004. After jockeying for position atop the NL West standings, the rivals were locked in a division race in the final month of the regular season.

The Dodgers took two of the three games played at AT&T Park from Sept. 12-14 to maintain their lead in the division and put themselves in position to repeat as NL West champions when the Giants arrived at Chavez Ravine on Sept. 22 for a three-game set.

Although the Dodgers would again win two of the three games, including a win over Giants World Series hero Madison Bumgarner, and clinch a consecutive NL West title. However, it was the Giants who ultimately got the final laugh by winning their third World Series in five years.

After winning his fourth career Gold Glove, Adrian Gonzalez said he believes the Dodgers were better than the Giants, but gave them credit for playing well in the postseason, via Bill Plunkett of the OC Register:

The Dodgers and Giants met 19 times last season with the Dodgers just edging them in head-to-head victories with 10. Through May 11, the Giants raced out to win seven of the first 10 meetings as the Dodgers again fell in another early hole.

However, from July 25 through the remainder of the season, the Dodgers lost just two games to the Giants and answered a 9-0 loss with a historic performance at AT&T Park. While they may have been the superior team in the regular season, the Dodgers would likely trade that for the postseason success their rival had.

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  1. if you were the better team then your ace pitcher wouldn’t have choked 2 starts in a row , and if you were the better team then we would be talking about dodger world series champs

    1. For that, you can thank the magic of the Wild Card, where even the second-best team in the division can get a do-over. When it was Dodgers vs SF, the Dodgers came out on top. Go comment on your own page, troll.

      1. You May have came out on top in the regular season but choked when it mattered live with that and bow down to the three time world series champs!

        1. Typical VaGiants fan. Just won the WS and still obsessed with the Dodgers…. Got news for you. Kershaw, not Bumthumper, just won every award known to man. And I’m going to beat you to the “rings are better” punch. Barry Bonds doesn’t have any, so he obviously sucks just as bad as Kershaw, am I right? Go troll another page.

          1. Yes but bum won the only award that matters that every player plays for take your cy young and shove it bum has 3 rings kershaw 0 lol

          2. The VaGiants days of being the best 2nd place team in the majors are numbered.

          3. Shows you know nothing about baseball..how can you throw 7 innings allow 4 hits and 3 runs and choke? That’s BS……Offense puts up some runs and Kersh wins that game….

          4. He couldn’t get out of the inning…AGAIN!!! He did the same thing last year, but blame it on your dummy manager, that doesn’t know how to use his players. He is a big LOSER!

          5. I do not blame anything on the manager…..who by the way has a winning record against the Gnats…and that loser pitcher is about to win his 3rd Cy Young…so go sell your BS somewhere else….took you 56 years to win 1 in SF……we had 5 in LA before you even smelled one..

          6. I’ll take the consistency of the WHOLE season over 2 weeks thank you!!! And does BUM have any Cy-Youngs??? Didn’t think so!!!

          7. cool, then we’re both happy. I’ll take a parade over a division any day

          8. I think any pitcher, even Kershaw would trade in his Cys for a ring. I think he even mentioned that in an interview

          9. i actually doubt that any pitcher would trade a Cy Young for a ring.

          10. Seriously. Think about it for a minute. Lots and lots and lots of guys have WS rings. Only 2 guys/year get a Cy. Dan Uggla will now have a WS ring for barely even being on the Giants this season.

          11. Sadly, yes. And Uggla’s two weeks were atrocious. But because of that fact, you can’t discredit the core for achieving victory. Cain is getting a ring but hadnt pitched since like May or something.

          12. Rings? LA 5, SF 3. That must be the reason for the inferiority complex that has the Dodgers living rent-free in SF heads. SF has 3 rings to LA’s 5. Not too shabby, but still this unhealthy obsession, LOL.

          13. No obsession here. Your player made the statement, and we are defending our team. When have the doggies won a WS in this century….None, so quit living in the past, it probably was before you were born!

          14. The past is a part of the game, that is the beauty of baseball which you obviously as a total moron do not embrace…..otherwise why would Yankee fans throw the teams history in everyones face? Learn the game…Your team won a series….great..but the Dodgers didn’t choke

          15. Yes, the past is part of the game. How refreshing for a dodger fan to admit it.

            Per Baseball Reference.com:


            Overall (10780-9262 W-L, 1883 – 2014) – 8 World Championships, 23 Pennants, and 25 Playoff Appearances


            Overall (10489-9492 W-L, 1884 – 2014) – 6 World Championships, 22 Pennants, and 28 Playoff Appearances

          16. If the past is part of the game, you have to include each team’s NY history as well. And in that case, the Giants have 8 championships to the Dodgers’ 6. Giants fan here, not a troll, just stating facts. Your fans can’t have it both ways. And I won’t say Kershaw choked, but I do think Mattingly managed the team terribly in the playoffs (both on the field and in the clubhouse). If the Dodgers want to maximize the output of their team, they need a different manager.

          17. Yeh Chatty they have, because a century is a 100 years..just saying!!! Your a numbers guy thou Chatty LA 5 SF 3, and hey Chatty I was at 2 of those!!! It doesn’t matter when they were douche DODGERS still have more Championships!! So grab your shovel buddy because I’m still waiting for something astonishing to come our of your mouth!!!

          18. Preston, you have to include them all as an organization. I understand youre trying as much as possible to discredit the number of WS Championships won….but the fact remains. The Dodgers as an organization are only down 2. Easy for them to make that up. Also, the Dodgers owned the Giants for years with having more. The tide has turned lately but it’s just been 3 years our team has had more. Dodgers had like 30 or 40 years of being up on us. Hope that makes you feel better.

          19. Just curious how many of those Dodger championships were won in your lifetime? Just an FYI… A dodger fan posted this on a Giants blog. Grow up! This is and always will be a “what have you done for me lately league! Don’t matter what you think, The Giants are the current World Champions! Sorry but there is no trophy for “second place!” The dodgers couldn’t even manage that! LOL!!!

          20. No one, that is, except you for taking the time to acknowledge it

          21. well sir in my lifetime all 6 of the Dodger championships have been won…I have seen them all…..Giant fans who are younger than 66 had to live on 1 championship in 56 years….I saw 4 in a ten year stretch..

          22. Well by your reasoning, for anyone under 26, it would be Giants 3- dodgers 0.

          23. Still got more RINGS there than you buddy, so go grab a shovel and keep throwing that shit around. Go back to SF to your boys at the bathhouse!! No one here gives 2 shits about your WS! Go gloat about your team on another page!!! Pathetic Giants fan!!!

          24. Actually No… The Giants own 8 WS trophies! Nice try! Pathetic is trying to minimize the accomplishments of others because YOU fail to win!

          25. uhhhh no they don’t!!! So check your math bro!!! Thank you!!!

          26. Uhh yeh that record was squashed when both team moved to California smart guy!! It even says online, and it is backed up by multiple baseball analysts. Dodgers 5, Giants 3!!! Keep digging!!!

          27. Hahaha, they managed first place in SF’s division. Oh, but they suck soooooo bad.

          28. No one here said they suck… They just dont have the trophies to prove it! Lol…

          29. And btw Barry does have rings even though he didn’t win as a player just like mays does and Mccovey and kershaw is nothing but a choker

          30. Well aren’t you just a sore winner…. your 2nd place team wins the WS and you’re on a Dodgers fan page talking trash about the best pitcher on the planet.

          31. yeah kershaw is just crazy with it but darvish is pretty clean with it

          32. I think Bumgarner just showed who is better! Kershaw could never have done what this kid accomplished, and Kershaw is man enough to admit it!

          33. Bumgarner is not better than Kershaw., if he was why hasn’t he won any awards…he was on a hot streak at exactly the right moment…and the Royals are not exactly the 27 Yankees……Dodgers handled your Bum like what he is…a BUM

          34. Kershaw is crazy good……but in the regular season. Bum is just underneath him in that same period. However…..post season is way more important. Every player plays to get there and win it all. Otherwise, why play the game? The goal is to win it all. Hard to dispute Bum not being up there when you consider his work from the regular and post season efforts.

          35. This whole Kershaw chokes in the postseason is completely stupid. The only team in baseball (Cardinals) that can hit Kershaw is the team he has happened to face the last 2 years. They are the only team in MLB who have a winning record against him. If Bum had to face whatever the one team is he struggles with the most (He has struggled against the Dodgers), he would have the same results. Its not playoffs it the Cardinals have his number .

          36. I have never or will I ever say he sucks. Heck, I wish the Giants had him. I’d take him in a heartbeat. That said, he wont be remembered as much a good pitcher so much as his failings to take the dodgers to the promised land. That one team that owns him (Cardinals). That sucks. He needs to get on his game and learn to beat them. He’s had two chances and hasn’t come out on top yet. At the end of the day, no matter who you face, you gotta beat that team. You can speculate all day long Bum may fail against the Dodgers in the playoffs.(emphasize speculate). Face of the matter is, he hasn’t played against them in post season yet. I can say Bum will turn it up a notch and beat the Dodgers here. However, Kershaw can not speculate he can beat the Cardinals in the playoffs since he’s tried and failed twice. That’s the difference.

          37. You say I am speculating you are also. You said he will not be remembered for his great, but instead his postseason failure. I think he will be remembered for the lowest career era and 4 consecutive era titles. Also he is only 26 years old. He will not face the Cardinals every time in the playoffs and he is still young enough to figure them out. Kershaw will have plenty more opportunities. And you speculating about Bum you are speculating he stays dominant in the playoffs. He could just as easily have a bad one especially against a team that owns him

          38. I wasnt speculating on bum in terms of playoffs. He’s got the victories, the shut outs/downs, the rings, the mvps for both 7 game series to prove it. No speculation there. I wasn’t speculating on Kershaw. Im saying if he doesn’t get a ring, he wont be regarded as much as Bum in terms of great pitchers. That said…no doubt Kershaw will be looked upon as a great great pitcher. But without a ring, its tarnished just a lil bit.
            And yes, I totally agree he has years to turn that around. He’s probably got maybe 10 years left at least (dominant).

          39. Hey Chatty you know shit about baseball seriously!!! The Dodgers lost because of there in ability to score runs, and leave runners stranded on base, that combined with lack of management, and a game manager behind the plate!! Bum played good for 2 weeks not the whole season, and has he won a Cy- Young???? No !!!

          40. couldn’t score or got out pitched by the opposing hurler. youre discrediting the other team’s pitcher.
            Bum had 18 wins this season. If that’s pitching good for 2 weeks, than he posted all those wins in a short amount of time. You don’t need to win a Cy to be considered a good pitcher. Mike Mussina, Bert Blyleven, Phil Niekro, Kevin Brown (im sure you remember him, former dodger), Andy Petitte. There’s many many others…..but I wanted to lay that fact on you.

          41. funny cuz angels didnt pitch to him pretty much the whole world series when they beat SF in 02

          42. That choker is 26…he will get his rings…bank on it moron

          43. Until then, its speculation at best. Talk to us when he gets that ring.

          44. Kershaw was good, but sucked when the trophy was in site! Your team couldn’t even get out of the first round! You would never have beat the Nats or the Royals. Your players don’t have enough heart and your manager is an idiot! Bochy has made a fool out of him, too many times to keep count.

          45. But as Giants manager he is 3-0 in WS Championships! Who cares what the dodger record is…. WE win Championships and don’t worry much about the doyers! :”-)

          46. Who has more Rings douche!!! Thank you!! Take your championships, and shove them up your ass because we have MORE!!!

          47. I’ve already read multiple pages there Mike 5-3 in WS championships Dodgers thank you!!! You can go ask any baseball professional!! Keep digging!!!

          48. Per Baseball Reference.com:
            Overall (10780-9262 W-L, 1883 – 2014) – 8 World Championships, 23 Pennants, and 25 Playoff Appearances

            Overall (10489-9492 W-L, 1884 – 2014) – 6 World Championships, 22 Pennants, and 28 Playoff Appearances

          49. That record was was sqashed when both teams moved to California smart guy!!! It even says online!! And was also said by multiple baseball analysts!!! Keep digging!!!

          50. LOL, and yet here you are on a Dodgers page…

            “WE win Championships.” That’s funny, I haven’t seen your name on the roster.

        2. One thing’s for sure, if LA had won, I sure the hell wouldn’t be hanging around trolling a SF website. Only Vagiants fans are that pathetic.

          1. I was directed here by bleachereport i find it absurd that the illegal alien gonzalez has the nerve to say the doggies were the better team, sorry but I couldnt resist

          2. ^^proof of ignorant Giants fans. Starting to use racial terms as insults.. We know, we know… You’ve been a Giants fan since 2010.. It’s ok just remember 5 in 60 > 3 in 60

          3. Giants fans are the best in baseball, but how would you know, you are evidently a ” johhnie come lately”. A couple of years ago, you couldn’t fill your ballpark. Ours has been filled for 14 yrs!

          4. You mean your seagull farm that you guys call a stadium? If Giants fans are so great why do ALL Giants home games vs the Dodgers look like Dodger home games? Nothing but a sea of blue in that stadium. Giants fans suck, proof of that is they’re on a Dodger site talking about the Giants. Never forget 5 in 60 > 3 in 60!

          5. Why does dodger stadium look like Giants home games? Oh I forgot, they get their brains bashed when they show up there. You have the numbers wrong fido… Giants 7 dodgers 6.

          6. More proof that Giants fans don’t know jack about baseball.. Fair weather fan Chatty from 2010 doesn’t even know his teams history..

          7. Dumbass. 3 rings in 5 years. End of story. Your team is a bunch of overrated, overpaid gutless cowards.

          8. Don’t think so Mr. Number Guy!!! Dodgers have more fans, sell more tickets, and fill more seats!!! Thank you Chatty, and you have the best fans in baseball…lol… I don’t think so Chatty.. go ck. your NUMBERS THERE!!!

          9. What planet are you from? The Dosgers have consistently led and set records in attendance since 1962. And done it in an actual baseball stadium without all the amusement park crap.

          10. Nice revisionist history, but it’s actually 8>6 Giants over Dodgers.

          11. Revisionist means changing the facts. Please point out what is counterfactual about LA 5, SF 3, which is how I first expressed it. Because you all keep saying quit bringing up ancient history. Well, if you have to go back to New York in 1954, that’s more ancient than any Dodgers titles. You can’t have it both ways.

          12. The fun thing with statistics is that you can play with them to suit just about any agenda… 3 in 5 is better than 0 in 26. You see what I did there?

          13. That “illegal” remark was stupid and in poor taste.

            Shame on you.

            From a Giants fan

          14. Guest: take your discrimination to Arizona GTF out of California, punk. We all get along here.

          15. That’s because doggie fans don’t care enough to comment. There is no soul to the team or the fanbase!

          16. Really Chatty that’s why we sell more tickets and fill more seats, and have more fans!!!! What else you got Chatty!!! So far nothing but a gloater pussy giants fan with a shovel!!!

          17. That is a load of crap, not only do Dodgers fans comment on GIANTS pages but they also join SF Giants fan pages by requesting to get in and then once they’re in the just talk mad shit, get your facts right

          18. And yet here you are. Man, you Vagiants fans are a whiny bunch. Wah, wah, whine, whine, derpity derp derp derp. Get over yourselves. Nobody takes you seriously. You should try that.

          19. Jer, what’s pathetic is the use of a woman’s private area as a substitute for the correct name of some organisation that has prevailed over yours. That’s pathetic. And not very original.
            And it’s no way to go through life.

          20. No way to go through life? I think you’re taking this, and yourself, just a wee bit too seriously.

        3. You wankers keep using the word “choke.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

        4. The regular season matters just as much, bro. Without a regular season, you don’t get into the postseason.

      2. its even possible for a 3rd best team to be wild card if by some chance oe division runner up and 3rd place are the next in wins afer the diviision winners. funny how both SECOND wild card teams went WS and it went down to the wire!! Im an ANgels fan who season tix and watched Royal beat us. Didnt really tee off but had a feeling they were gonna get to the WS we had chances in the extra inning games in Anaheim. a go ahead run for halos changes hole series but they never lead once. and it doesnt matter i can say angels were the better team than everyone but look they got swept and if it werent for kemp dodgers wouldve been sept by the cards too

      3. You forgot one important point, they came out on top, by one game. That’s pretty much even! Also, this is a public site anyone can comment. Too bad you’re not like Preston, that gives credit where it’s due!

      4. Jer, remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare? The hare, well funded and ultra fast crosses the finish line well behind the plodding, Bochy-like tortoise. There’s a moral: never quit.

        I can sympathize with your disappointment, but no amount of historic revision will find the Dogers in front at the end of this past season. The Giants played as a team, faltered as a team and ultimately prevailed as a Team.

        Good luck. And wait till next year.

    2. In his last start against the Cards, Kershaw gave up 3 runs. In his last start against the Cards, Bumgarner gave up 3 runs. The Dodgers scored fewer runs than the Cards, the Giants scored more. SO Kershaw choked?
      Not a team in MLB that wouldn’t jump at the chance to get Kershaw.

      1. When you come into a game with the lead, and give it up? That’s called choking! When you do it two years in a row…that is significant choking! BTW I don’t see that Mattingly is in the running for Manager of the year!! hahahah

    3. Okay ill say he may have choked the 1st time but mattingly deffinitely shouldve pulled him the second time. maybe even the first. especially after kershaw had just gotten out of a jam the inning before on top of his pitch count. plus cards were coming around for like the 4th time seeing kershaw in the game so they had a feel and bats connected

    4. Shows how good Kershaw is, that from him, giving up 3 runs in a game is considered choking.

    5. Dodgers fans are delusional. They think they’re the better team because they won more games in the regular season. If that’s true, the Dodgers still wouldn’t have won anything since the Nationals were better than them in the NL.

  2. So you’re saying the Royals are better than the angels and the Tigers I bet they don’t even make the playoffs next year or the giants

    1. me? i never implied that anywhere if you’re asikng me. but were talking the season that just happened. i sat through extra iniings and watch my halos highest scoring team in majors score 2 runs a game unable to get a basehit in opportune moments to go ahead 1 run and chnange the whole complexion of the series. ill say the royal WERE better than the everyone except the giants past season. shit royals made the playoff last time in 85 and happened to win the WS haha. but i agree i dont see royals i the playoffs again next year. MAAAYBE giants but their run is about over. playoff baseball is where we see if the players can produce. just look at Boston last year they dumped their payroll to dodgers and ended up winning it all. dodgers and angels lost to teams with players less than half their payrolls. teams are teams. sometimes superstars dont get as good as some players who all know their roles.

  3. Doesn’t mean anything that you “were” the better team!!! It’s called winning in the post season!!! This is coming from a true Dodger fan. The Giants are better because they don’t rush pitch sequences. They have a game manager behind the plate. They slow the game down to get hitters off balance, so do the Cardinals!!! They also play SMALL BALL, and they don’t have a bunch of egos that go up to the plate every time with huge long dick golf swings!!! They have a manager that knows how to motivate, and discipline players. This game is about putting the ball in play, and playing as a team, not stats.

    1. you basically said the same as me. halos and dodgers both lost to teams with payrolls less than half theirs. when 1/4 your players are making 75% the salary its not as balanced. all the players should be made to feel equal in value

    2. Really? Then why didn’t the Giants do all those things, all year long? They were terrible the second half of the season, and only made the playoffs because of their hot start. They played great in the postseason, but that’s only a smart part of the season. I agree with A-Gon.

  4. Way to go MLB. Because the playoffs are such a cash cow, they’ve allowed 2nd place teams into the mix just to keep baseball on TV for a few more days. Allowing two 2nd place teams to duke it out for the top prize has really diminished the meaning of WS trophy if you ask me. I mean, after 162 games the Dodgers were in first place. They lost the NLDS to another first place team. I’m okay with that. The last time the Dodgers won it all, there were no second place teams allowed.

    I mean seriously, the Giants deserve nothing more than a participation trophy. Thanks for participating in the 162 game regular season and finishing second.

    1. yeah i really do feel you on that. it just aint right. the two teams in the single wildcard game could have records that are 3 4 5 game difference but still play as if they had an even season. maybe they got it from the NFL

      1. Hey Marioa your a weak Giants fan who has to go gloat about there lame team on a Dodger article. Seriously pathetic!!! Go back to tounge punching your boyfriends dirt star at the bathhouse buddy!!! LAMO

        1. Excuse me ” Preston” you sound like the ass goblin to me with a name like that, why don’t you learn how to spell ” their” and what does ” lamo” mean some gay north Hollywood slang? The lame team choked 2 years in a row

          1. Go troll another page. You are pathetic!!! Go back to the Castro district with your boys Looser!!

          2. I believe the correct spelling is ” loser” Preston and better than hanging out in west Hollywood and sucking some dude off for coke which you look like you do

          3. Actually Mariducheoa I prefer Looser with an extra “O” because it more describes how much of a “Looser” Giants fan you truly are. Thanks for the update on what you do with the boys in SF. I guess that’s how GAY Giants fans act!!!! Eeeeeeewwwww I have to go on a Dodgers page to make myself look bigger!!! WEAK!!! Go grab a shovel Maridoucheoa We still have more rings!!!!

          4. And gay dodger fans use the word ewwwww? How old were you the last time the Dodgers won the world series

          5. Hey Gay it doesn’t matter how old I was!!! What matters is we have more RINGS!!! Thank you!!! Take your 3 championships in 5 years, and shove them up your ass!!

          6. U must be a closet case cause u keep talking about gays and sticking things up other people asses I will send your wife a dildo for Christmas since you like to talk about things in asses she can give it to you hard and you can pretend puig and Hanley Ramirez are running a train on you go Giants I’m out bitch!

          7. Hey fag boy!! You mean the train the Dodgers ran on you the whole season!!!! Just the way little Giants fans like it!! Go ahead leave BITCH!! I’m sure your boyfriend had to pull his dildo out of your ass!!! Don’t worry we will keep that train running on your ass next year too!! Now you can have 2 wet dreams pillow biter. One about your boyfriend, and the other about the whole Dodger team running a train on your mom!!! Go Dodgers!!!

          8. Hate to tell you, but the doggies won 10 games the Giants won 9. How does that make it more than pretty even. oh right, you aren’t a numbers man, just barely can read and write, judging from your posts!!!

          9. Oh Chatty, but you can read and write??? I prefer my own language not yours!! I am also well aware of the numbers smart guy. Don’t need you tell me. Thanks!!! Di d that make you feel better!! 10-9 hmmmmm looks like a loss to me Chatty, but i’m not a numbers guys remember!!! And if your so good at numbers Chatty maybe you should remember who has more rings!!! Thank you!!! Have fun gloating over your team at the bathhouse with boys…BITCH!!!

          10. I think the fact that Gonzalez is crying so much, is he’s feeling the ancient, last century rings that have corroded his!

          11. Preston, you have more rings in your city. As an organization (which carries more weight) is more important. Would you give up your rings if you moved to another city? I wouldn’t. I doubt the Dodgers org would either. You guys have six. Before 2010, your org. bested us….and bested us for decades. The Giants just scooted passed your team. But I still want SF to equal NY to truly solidify greatness. We’re down 2. 2016 and 2018? Let’s get it down, Orange and Black

          12. You know, I would prefer gay fans to the thugs that sit in your ballpark! At least gays aren’t violent!

          13. AHAHAHAH… that’s pretty funny Chatty!! Who are the fans that shot, and stabbed fans in the parking??? Who are the fans that shot and stab people at there parade??? Who are the thugs now Chatty???? We beat someone big difference then shooting, and stabbing there hypocrite boy!!!

          14. Preston there: YOU NEED to stop posting because 1) your spelling is embarrassingly atrocious AND 2) your grammar is embarrassingly atrocious AND 3) your english is ESPECIALLY atrocious!…… “preston” just stop posting cause YOU ARE making a fool of yourself.

        2. Wow Preston, I gave you kudos for being a smart baseball fan and a good sport, and you go and ruin it!

          1. And Chatty explain to me how your so much smarter!!! Gloating about your pathetic team on a Dodgers article after you won the WS…WEAK..lol , and then you sit there and talk about being a smart baseball fan, and good sport, and ruining it…ahahah wow Chatty you pretty funny man. Complete hypocrite douche Giants fan!!

      2. Enjoy what you didn’t earn. The VaGiants won because they played well for a month. Those six other months? Not so much.

        You can use the work choke all you want, nothing changes the fact that this year’s World Series was a complete fluke.

        1. Right just like the only reason the Dodgers won the west is because the Giants choked away a 9 1/2 game lead

          I hardly think 3 World Series in 5 years are flukes please silly little doggie fan

          1. No, 2010 and 2012 were not flukes because the Giants were the division champs those years. They earned their playoff spots. Being second place doesn’t earn you shit anywhere in life except for some professional sports.

          2. Ok David you sound like a bitter ass fan They earned it they won a do or die game and went on to beat 3 of the best teams left standing , doesn’t matter how you got in the point is that you got in and beat the best you sound like a little wussy go back to mommas lap

          3. And now we know what this fool’s true colors are. They aren’t red white and blue or orange black. They’re pussy pink. I don’t expect to win this online discussion. That being said, if I had even the slightest idea where you are, Brian Stow wouldn’t be the only crippled Giants fan.

          4. Well good for you. You probably were right there with those thugs!m Shame on you for using a tragedy to make yourself look like a man!! a pathetic one at that!!

          5. This is where I HAVE to comment: LITTLE “davidanderson” = “BIG” little internet warrior and that is all.

          6. rah rah rah. I hate it when losers like you, use the military to make themselves important. You went off to kill people, doesn’t that make you special!!!!

          7. So the marlins red sox Angels and cardinals didn’t earn their World Series trophies?

          8. Keep in mind the angel beat us in 02 as a wild card team and not even do we use that pussy excuse you guys are lame I’m done and said what I had to say

          9. Well, that’s the way the playoffs are set up! Live with it or become commissioner of baseball and change it!

          10. Basically with your own argument, youve discredited not only the SF Giants but also KC, The Marlins back in 2003 or 1997, The Angels who beat the Giants in 2002. You really shouldn’t direct your argument at the Giants for accomplishing a tougher feat and path to get to and win the world series this year but to discredit your own Dodger team for being in the best position to succeed – only to fail and let you and the rest of the Dodger Nation down. You see how that works? The worst team has to go through a more difficult task to get to the top to prevail. The Giants did that. But you gave them no credit for doing so.

          11. Their is no second place to the winning the World Series. You might win the division but in history of baseball, the ultimate goal is winning a World Series. Isn’t that what baseball players playing for all year round is to get to the World Series? Coz what counts in the end, is to celebrate winning the commissioner’s thophy. You could not win games in baseball by just one player, it’s an around players game. All in all The Giants won the World Series and that is what the history was written this year.

        2. In your opinion!! Fess up, the dodgers lost in the first round!!! they were out of it, before the beer ran out on the concourse!! You LOST! own up and live with it!

    2. Bet if the doggies were the second place team and the wild card team, they would have gone happily, and so would you!

    3. I think you have that backwards. The DODGERS got the participation trophy. I don’t think the Magic Johnson Bank of LA spent 7 gazillion dollars to reminisce about the 1988 World Series title or to take the “NL West Championship”. Tell me, what do the rings look like for winning the NL West?

      When the sports writers of the future look at the Hall of Fame resumes of Bumgarner/Kershaw, Bochy/Mattingly, I don’t think they’re gonna say “Well I know the Giants have 3 (so far) rings in their tenure, but look how many NL West titles the Dodgers have! That’s got to count for something, right?” “Sorry Bill, it literally means absolutely nothing, because they never finished…”

      Also for you geniuses out there who don’t know how to count, that’s 8 WS titles for the Giants, and 6 for the Dodgers. and even if you use the incorrect number and say “Well the Dodgers have more”, I actually prefer SEEING it happened, not just talking about what a bunch of old/dead guys did 60 years ago.

      Also, you’re GARBAGE for your Bryan Stowe “joke”. You have probably never been in the military, and even if you were, it’s no excuse for something as low as that, even for a Dodgers “fan”

  5. Just curious how old were you guys the last time the boys in blue won a World Series?

    1. I was in college at the time of that game and was overwhelmed by my college courses and wasn’t able to watch that game…….. yet it still seems just like yesterday when it happened……. I’m getting old……

  6. Shoulda, woulda, coulda……the proof is in the pudding. The Giants have the ring and the Dodgers have their tears. Adrian Gonzales can talk all he wants but the truth is there is no heart in the Dodger Blue.

  7. Yeah, we’ll be sure to worry about losing the Division title as we raise that 3rd WS pennant.

    Better on paper, in payroll? Sure! No argument here. What kind of value are you getting for your dollar, huh? More proof that nobody in the Dodgers organization yet understands how the Giants have done it three out of the last five years.

    We pay guys who play to win for older teammates staring down their last opportunities. “We want it for Aubrey Huff and Pat Burrel.” “We want it for Hudson.” “We want it for Bochy’s HoF ticket.” We pay players who player who play for each other, who “can’t imagine why anyone would want to play anywhere else” (Buster Posey). Our guys play for the name on the front of the jersey.

    We pay guys who know how to play defense and don’t give away runs, guys who take advantage of the oppositions defensive weakness. We play to make the playoffs. If that means winning the division, perfect! If it’s a tough year and we have to settle for the WC, so be it! Once the playoffs start, we’re about as easy to put away as the ’27 Yankees. Without consistent injuries to significant players in 2011 and 2013, we might just be bragging about three straight…or, perhaps even five straight.

    Hell! A fan can dream.

    The Dodgers, on the other hand, pay players who play for themselves, for
    the name on the back of the jersey. Just like the Yankees. We wouldn’t
    pay Yasiel Puig to be our f’in batboy.

    You need a GM who knows how to recognize those qualities. $$$ rarely finds it.

  8. Giants have 8 world series rings actually! The dodgers only have 6. Not surprised no one can count in LA, must be lead in the water. The giants have accomplished more in the last 5 years than the dodgers entire career. The only grounds to say you have any leverage in proof of a team is what you accomplish with who is still playing. Not sure if the prefab morons of the dodgers fanbase realize but its not 1988 its 2014. A NL west championship is as good a wild card, the only difference is the wild card has higher stakes and proves a team far past what a 3rd place team the dodgers are. When the wild card faces the number 1 team in the NL thats proof to show they are the titled team. Giants over threw the Dodgers in a way that makes the Giants a better team. If in some corrupted view the dodgers think they deserve a ring without the work they dont deserve shit. All the racist and gay slurs coming out of Dodger fans is no surprise. Dodger fans think they walk tall but in reality they walk in the shadows of people who matter. SF is known for its humble presents, Dodgers are only known for arrogance with nothing to back it up. If dodgers want to prove they have any balls start putting up or shutup. A NL west championship still only positioned the dodgers in 3rd in the national league. If the dodgers had the record the nationals did maybe something might be said of winning something. The issue with dodgers is they celebrate insignificant shit like a run or a single of a 5 game series. A bubble machine is nothing but a childs toy which is easily what the dodgers are, children with a complex of fabricating and never delivering.

    1. Hey Ass clown who has more Rings!!! Thank you. Keep digging buddy!! Talk about class as fans….ahahahah Dodger fans don’t to go on Giants fans articles, and gloat about there team winning a World Series!!! Talk about pathetic losers as fans!! Really??Typical Gay Bay fans cant even cherish the fact that they won a World Series please!!! By the way smart guy we don’t shoot each other, and stab one another at our parades!! We beat your fan at a game, you stabbed, and shot fans at your games. Humble presence there spelling boy!!! Oh I’ll put and shut up no problem!! Once you take your Gay Bay hypocrital bullshit, and shove it right up your ass!!! Just the way your fans like it!!! WEAK!!!

      1. That’s not true. I used to have to defend my Giants against Dodger fans, when they had all the trophies and we had none. Now, you just have nothing to gloat about.

  9. Kiss the ring Adrian, THE GIANT’S CHAMPIONSHIP RING. “Better” also means who has the heart and guts to win on the big stage and we all know that the Dodgers have been watching the “better team” do that from the comfort of their living room couches 3 times in the last 5 seasons!!! GO GIANTS

  10. I am a lifelong Giants fan. Went to my first game with my dad in 1962 when I was five years old. I played ball, my wife played softball and both my kids play ball to this day. Here’s my take if it means anything. Both the Dodgers and the Giants are great teams. If they weren’t we wouldn’t be having so much fun talking about them. Be happy that you are living in a time that rivals the 1960’s for competition between the two teams. The Dodgers are loaded with talent. The giants are a great postseason team that somehow gets the job done. You can most likely attribute that to management. Having said that, luck doesn’t play a role. Getting to the postseason in and of itself is extremely difficult. At that point anything can happen and usually does. We can argue over who is better all day long, but the trophy goes to the playoff champion. The Giants have accomplished the goal three of the past five years. Who is best doesn’t matter. A champion has been crowned based on the system. I look forward to next year and a continuation of the best rivalry in baseball. I put the Yankees/Sox aside and into slot number two. Giants/Dodgers is the best rivalry in all of sports. Learn to love it.

  11. Your salty tears are delicious, keep on spending that TV money, someone has to pay all those inflated egos.

  12. This article appeared in the LA Times prior to the 2012 World Series. It just as well could have been written just before the 2014 World Series with a few of the statistics in the article updated. All I can say is read it and weep Dodger fans and please stop your ridiculous arguments as to which team is the better.

    The Giants leave the Dodgers in their wake
    San Francisco become the better franchise in a longtime rivalry, its presence in the World Series a clinching piece of evidence.
    October 25, 2012|Bill Plaschke

    The truth hurts. It blinds with the sight of thousands of flapping orange towels. It deafens with the blah-blah-blah about Buster and Bochy and Belt. It batters with every roundhouse kick by that thick third baseman known as Kung Fu Panda.

    The truth hurts, but we must accept it, because, like the awful smell of garlic fries that fills the crowded corridors of that cutesy San Francisco ballpark, it’s not going anywhere.

    The Giants have become a better franchise than the Dodgers.

    “Who said that?” screamed Tom Lasorda when I gave him the news.

    The numbers say it. The scores say it. History says it. October says it. Everything says it.

    In the only standings that matter to many fans, in a rivalry that has lasted 129 years, the Giants have become a clear No. 1, and the Dodgers are a stunning No. 2.

    “Never, never, never,” barked Maury Wills when I gave him the news.

    It’s happening right now. The Giants’ appearance against the Detroit Tigers in this year’s World Series has clinched it. After lollygagging behind the Dodgers seemingly from the moment they followed them to the West Coast in 1958, the Giants have finally passed them with all the power of a Mike Piazza, er, Joe Morgan home run.

    The Giants have now appeared in 19 World Series, one more than the Dodgers. If the Giants defeat the Tigers, they will have won seven world championships, one more than the Dodgers.

    The Giants have appeared in four World Series — four ( — since the Dodgers’ last Fall Classic appearance in 1988. If the Giants beat the Tigers, they will have won as many world championships in three years — two — as the Dodgers have won in the last 31 years.

    You want numbers? In their 2,373 meetings, the most between any two franchises, the Giants have won 24 more games.

    You want stars? There are 66 players with Giants affiliations in baseball’s Hall of Fame, a dozen more than those with Dodgers ties. The Giants players have won the most-valuable-player award 13 times and the Dodgers have won 11, but since 1989, the Giants have had seven MVPs and the Dodgers have had zero. The Dodgers can claim their traditional pitching superiority by winning the Cy Young Award battle, 10-3, but since 1989, both teams have won two.

    And, oh, if you’re going to challenge those numbers because of Barry Bonds’ alleged steroid use, don’t forget that Eric Gagne did a banned substance too.

    The Giants are not just winning on the field, but also winning the battle of the field. While the Dodgers have been living in the increasing squalor of their past, the Giants have built one of the coolest parks in the game. I rip AT&T Park mostly out of jealousy. I rip Dodger Stadium because it needs to be ripped.

    I hate writing this stuff as much as you hate reading it, although maybe not as much as Wills and Lasorda hated hearing it when I phoned the legendary Giants nemeses on Thursday.

    Said Wills: “It brings on a little bit of an ache.”

    Said Lasorda, loudly: “The numbers do not say they’re better. They’re just as good, right now, maybe, but look at the past and….”

    Our phone connection died. I thought the ranting Hall of Famer was so angry he accidentally hung up on me. But he immediately called me back

    “Am I jealous of the Giants? I would never use the word ‘jealous,'” Lasorda said. “I’m not giving them credit for anything.”

    The feeling is mutual. The Giants fans haven’t really hated a Dodger the way they once hated Lasorda, perhaps because the Dodgers haven’t had a strong leader like that since then, and maybe that is the root of these team’s current differences.

    The Giants have had a consistent direction, the Dodgers once thought they didn’t need Mike Scioscia. The Giants have shown a focused philosophy, the Dodgers once thought they needed Juan Uribe.

    Since the Dodgers’ last World Series appearance, they have run through eight managers; the Giants have had four. The Dodgers have had seven general managers, and the Giants had had three. The Dodgers have been owned by the likes of Fox and Frank McCourt, and the Giants have been owned by, well, does it matter?

    “Seriously, I’m not surprised, because I knew it was close,” said Wills. “We were always No. 1, they were No. 2. We’re still doing well, but on the field the Giants are just executing it better.”

    Everywhere, they are executing it better. Look at this season. These Giants spent pennies to pick up glue guy Marco Scutaro, the Dodgers spent gazillions on stars who couldn’t figure out how to play together. The Giants have a pitching rotation featuring three homegrown stars, the Dodgers rotation has Clayton Kershaw and four nights of watching pitch counts and held breaths.

    Even amid the latest Giants triumph, Dodgers fans finally have real hope for change. The new owners finally have a history of baseball smarts and deep pockets. Ned Colletti, who learned his craft with the Giants, finally has the money and freedom to make it work. And, if all else fails, there is still Vin Scully, right?

    “I never admitted this to anyone, but a couple of years ago I wrote [Giants Manager] Bruce Bochy a nice note on Dodger stationery,” admitted Wills. “I congratulated him for reminding us all how the game is supposed to be played.”

    Sadly reminding us of what was once, you know, the Dodgers.

    [email protected]


  13. How are you seriously going to just discredit the playoffs? “We’re the better team, you just played better when it really mattered and the season was on the line. We played better when losing was still an option and there wasn’t much pressure, you guys just won when you absolutely had to and losing wasn’t an option, pshh, anyone can do that, it’s easy to win a World Series, try winning the division” lol, gimme a break, you have no idea of how sore of a loser you sound like. Being one of those guys who are like “so what if you won the world series this year and three of the last 5, we won more a few decades ago”. You can’t be dumb enough to say “we were the better team, you guys just didn’t choke or lose games when the season was on the line” or “we were the better team, you just did better in the playoffs” lol …..THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT MAKES THE GIANTS BETTER!!! Winning WHEN YOU HAVE TO, Not choking, that’s like me saying “the Giants were better than the Dodgers during the regular season, we just didn’t win as many games as you”. Lol, what a joke, I have no problem recognizing the past and saying ok, you guys have more franchise rings, but that’s not the point here, the point is that WE ARE BETTER NOW, and there is nothing logical you can say to dispute that.

  14. LA may have had the better players, but they certainly didn’t have the better team. Big difference. Unfortunately it all may fall upon deaf ears. Andy Friedman may be able to fix the culture but not without some serious changes in personnel.

  15. I was sent here for post season entertainment by some friends…wow. Not a troll…I respect the Dodgers talent, and you are the challenge to my Giants every year…but the collective “you” are pretty chapped this year, huh? Making an argument that the better team didn’t win is unbecoming.
    Enjoy Mattingly and the continuing presence of Coletti. See you next year

  16. I’m WAY to mature to call you Doghair fans a bunch of penis-wipes. Well, maybe I’m not….
    Here- have a nice bowl of soup.

  17. In the end the fans and The Owners want The Championship Trophy and Title… so that’s what really matters….

      1. If you’d pay attention…. This is an ESPN article in which 16 baseball executives were asked who they’d take to lead a pitching rotation.

        Baseball executives. You know. The guys who help run major league teams. Scouts, various front office personnel, decision makers. Yeah, they chose Kershaw over Bumgarner.

        I will spend this entire off season raining on the 2nd place Giants’ parade.

        1. So no, ESPN isn’t the judge and jury as you put it. It’s an article. Read it. Or is that too hard for a simple minded Vajayjay’s fan….

  18. Dodger is a better team? Then how come they choked in playoff? For the record, Giants have injuries problems for the whole season, and they overcome everything to won 3rd rings in 5 years. Dodgers, what’s your excuse?

  19. The better team doesn’t always win the title, it’s proven over and over ! There were a half dozen teams in the playoffs better than the Giants ! That being said, you won it Giants, CONGRATULATIONS !

  20. It’s all about who gets the ring at the end…period, end of story. If you suck and can’t play well under playoff pressure, you are NOT the “better team”. He is jealous. I don’t even think Mattingly believes that BS.

  21. spoken like a team who has not won a W.S.  in over 30 years. Rather have a W.S. ring than division flag hanging on a flag pole LOL. Bet u will not get one for years with the Giants using homegrown talent. Its the money changer owner curse. Said it since day one.

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