As Vin Scully Closes Out His Career, Joe Davis Continues Journey with the Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be extending the contract of play-by-play announcer Joe Davis for multiple years, extending him through 2017. Davis has been the play-by-play man for the Dodgers on the road this season and he will take over more duties as Vin Scully is in the final weeks of his career.

Obviously, Scully is impossible to follow up and his style of broadcasting can never be replicated, so Davis will be a bit behind the eight ball as he takes over next season.

No one will be expecting him to be the next Vin though and everyone must be aware of how difficult an act he is following. It does seem some fans are excited about the news that Davis will be back.

It will certainly be an odd sensation hearing something else than:

“Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be.”

However, Davis, while still young, has plenty of experience and will hopefully offer up his own flair to the booth.


Before working for the Dodgers, Davis called football, baseball, basketball and hockey for ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and Fox. So he is bringing along with him a wealth of experience from big name companies while also possessing a knowledge of many different sports.

Scully carries years of knowledge under his belt and began his broadcasting career with the Dodgers at age 20. Davis is only 28-years-old, so he has his best years ahead of him and will hopefully be with the Dodgers for a long time.

Other current Dodgers announcers include Charley Steiner and Rick Monday, as well as Orel Hershiser who shares the booth with Davis for now. Davis, though, is the heir apparent to Scully and looks poised to take over the majority of play-by-play duties for the foreseeable future.

He is aware of the challenges ahead of him, coming after such an icon like Scully, but he also knows that it is of the utmost importance to try and cultivate his own identity.

While speaking to True Blue LA a few months ago, Davis discussed this.

“You have to recognize that nobody will ever replace Vin, nobody that’s living or nobody who has been born yet,” Davis said.

“I don’t think putting any pressure on myself does anybody any good. It doesn’t do the listeners any good, it doesn’t do the people I’m in the booth with any good.”

He continued,

“I can’t do anything other than try to be the best me that I can be. I can’t try to be Vin, or try to be what people want to hear.”

Davis certainly seems up the challenge and it will be exciting to see how he does in his first full season with the team next year.

From everyone at Dodgers Nation congratulations Joe! Make sure you follow him on Twitter @Joe_Davis!

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  1. Joe Davis does a very credible job. He has a very clear voice and speaks and enunciates well. He has said the right things and seems poised to be a very good announcer. 
    He does understand the legacy of Vin. I grew up listening to Vin 60 years ago on a radio in my Grandmas kitchen. 

    I remember the brilliant descriptions of Koufax’s perfect game and no hitters and the incredible nightly drama of Maury Wills as he brought the stolen base back to baseball and broke Tye Cobs long standing record. 

    So lets celebrate Vin but welcome Joe Davis as he has started his journey.

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