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BREAKING: David Price Signs With Boston Red Sox

And the first absolutely major chip has dropped, making re-signing Greinke all the more pivotal.

David Price has signed with the Boston Red Sox, leaving Zack Greinke as head-and-shoulders the best free agent left on the market.

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This, via Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe:

The first number that jumps our is the $30 million-plus price tag Price will be worth on average during the contract. It’s been reported Greinke is anticipating a similar level of salary over the duration of his deal, and this only further hammers that home.

For the Dodgers, with Jordan Zimmerman and Price now off the market, one would have to imagine their attention (not already set aside for Greinke) to Johnny Cueto in case Greinke does wind up elsewhere.

The starting rotation after Clayton Kershaw is extremely shaky and they (honestly, who couldn’t?) could obviously use another arm at the top of said rotation.

Congratulations to Price, who earned each and every penny of that contract. Yes, the Boston environment is one of (if not the toughest) to play in, but by all accounts, Price is a gamer who should do just fine out there.

There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding the Dodgers as they introduced Dave Roberts Tuesday afternoon, but the focus immediately shifts back to filling out his roster.

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  1. This ought to end any delusion about bringing Greinke back cheaply.  He’s going to demand at least 5 years/ 155 M for sure now.

  2. $30 million for a pitcher with a career e.r.a. In the 3’s and doesn’t perform well in the post season? Ridiculous.

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