Former Dodger Hanley Ramirez Already on Trade Block

During his time in Los Angeles, Hanley Ramirez was at times the best offensive player and other times, the most frustrating player on the roster. That also fairly well sums up his career on the whole.

Letting Ramirez walk via free agency this past offseason might not have been the easiest decision, though many saw it coming.

Ramirez was getting up there in age and the Dodgers had Corey Seager make his way through the farm system and eventually into the major league level, plus he would’ve been a costly re-signing.


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Now, those worries have come to fruition and the Dodgers’ front office at least can point to the rough season Ramirez has gone through as proof they aren’t the idiots some fans like to claim.

After rumors surfaced Monday night that Ramirez is reportedly on the trading block by those Boston Red Sox who signed him last winter (after trying to play him in left field for some crazy reason), Dodgers fans can officially rest easy on the decision not to bring him back.

Here’s what Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe had to say to update the Ramirez situation.

There’s now talk in the front office that Dave Dombrowski is trying to move Ramirez in a deal. The Mariners, Orioles, and Angels seem to be the targets, and all three make sense. There are huge hurdles to cross, however. One is money. With a little more than $68 million remaining on Ramirez’s deal, the Red Sox would need to eat at least half. The other hurdle is position.

Boy, that position is some hurdle. Ramirez was laughable in left field for much of 2015 and there’s no reason to believe he’d be much better there next season.

Please, though, do not ask if the Dodgers should bring him back. They should not, unless the Red Sox promise to pay almost every penny of his contract moving forward and ask for extremely little in return. Even then, the Dodgers would have hardly anywhere to slot him.

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