Can Alex Guerrero Be The Dodgers’ Secret Weapon In 2015?

Alex Guerrero

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Among the major story lines heading into the 2015 season is the premise that the Los Angeles Dodgers’ offense has gotten worse.

Dee Gordon, Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez are gone. They’re to be replaced by veterans Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins, and presumably Joc Pederson. Add in another year of getting older for Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Juan Uribe, and, well, this premise seems to have some legs.

Of course, the opposing side of the argument would point out the improvements the Dodgers have made defensively and in the overall depth of the organization. But, the question about offensive production remains a good one.

The good news, though? There might be an answer buried within the organizational depth that few may have previously considered — Alex Guerrero.

Long the main character in a narrative about how, “the Dodgers don’t have a choice but to keep him on the big league roster this season,” Guerrero’s start to spring seems to indicate that decision might come easier than some originally thought.

In four games thus far, Guerrero is 6-for-9 with a home run, two RBIs and four runs. Now, to be clear, spring training is almost meaningless for me — especially the first four games of the spring — but with a player like Guerrero, I don’t believe a start like this can be ignored.

After all, the Dodgers are an organization that seems to be searching for the infield of the future — always looking for folks to pair with Corey Seager in 2016 and beyond. Could it be that Guerrero is piece No. 2 of that puzzle?

When Guerrero signed with the Dodgers for four years and $28 million last offseason, many seemed to believe his path to the Majors would be a clear one. A few months in the Minors and surely the latest Cuban sensation would be unleashed upon the league — right?

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  1. Alex was worth $28 million 1 year ago to the experts. Relax. To me he’s a nimble Paul Konerko more than a worthless twig like Delino Deshields. I mention those names because letting “The Natural,” Konerko slip away for a sore armed reliever named Jeff Shaw was as idiotic as peddling Pedro for Delino. Are these new geniuses as foolish as those?

    1. I agree with you, I don’t really think that Guerrero has been given a fair chance, some because he had not played Baseball for a year when he came to Spring training last year, and because of the way he was injured in AAA last year! I think they need to take another real look at his defense this year, since a will be better prepared, not to mention the fact that he had come to a new country last year! He has shown he can hit, and hit with some power, and that is rare for a middle infielder! I just hope a gets his chance this year! I know his contract states he will be in the Majors this year, I hope Mattingly gives him a fair shot! Mattingly does not seem to get the best out of his players, and has seemed to throw some of his players under the bus! This is just the opposite of what the Giant’s manager Bochy does!

      1. Mattingly was a good hitter. Bur managing a MLB team? Not so good … yet. Like everybody else he can grow. Like the baseball season, time will tell. Tommy Lasorda too was a very poor handler and developer of potential. But he is one of the great characters of baseball lore and his legend will grow.

  2. I think Guererro stays or is traded and I think he is on the starting roster. Offense is needed and a good hitter to help sub for Uribe is needed. Barney has options so I think he goes down unless they get off their tails and trade Etheir like they should. They must trade Etheir perios.

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