Casey & Furcal : Seen Visiting Santa [Photo]

I’m at the Topanga Canyon Mall a week before Christmas and we’re waiting in line to take my nephew to see Santa. I don’t know who was more excited my brother or his son, but I do know once I saw who was also waiting in line, I was the most excited!  It was Rafael Furcal and Casey Blake…I was thinking they were there with their children, but no this mission they were solo. I quickly walk up with and ask, “What are you guys doing here with out children?” and some random guy responds, “I don’t have kids, I just like to sit on Santa’s lap and hear him whisper to me to tell him what I want,” extremely creeped out, I yell, “HELP, this man touched my nephew” and he was escorted out by security. Back to Furcal and Casey now. They replied to my initial question with the following, “Well, we figured since we’ve signed on with the Dodgers for 3 years, we need Manny to do the same.” A little confused, but still very interested I ask, “what does sitting on Santa’s lap have to do with the Dodgers signing Manny?” Furcal lets out a borderline fruity giggle and replies, “Since Ned needs all the help he can get to sign Manny, we were going to tell Santa what we want for Christmas!”

While their mission to campaign for Manny seemed interesting, I decided against sitting on Santa’s lap for their cause….However, I was able to snap a quick shot of the two little perverts and I must admit, it was rather scary and I lost a little respect for both professionals.

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