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Cody Bellinger Labeled as Dodgers Most Untouchable Player by MLB

The most ‘untouchable’ player in a big league organization is often an interesting conversation. Rarely, does this player stay the same across several seasons’ time. For example, two years ago at this time; Corey Seager may have been that player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, Seager is being whispered in trade possibilities.

Notably, the values of players change. Within organizations, the people who make decisions also change. The performances of players year-to-year does not follow a linear path.

Now over at, our good friend Will Leitch examines the most ‘untouchable’ player for every team in the game of baseball. Without a doubt, this is a quick little read that should give you a good snapshot of the face of every franchise right now, in November of 2019. Obviously, one year from now a lot will change for every team around baseball.

While I had a few names in my head before clicking the article – two to be exact – Leitch went with who I would have went with.

Dodgers — Cody Bellinger, OF, age 24: He burst into the conversation of “best player in baseball.”

Without question, this is the Dodgers’ most valuable asset. Undeniably, I had Walker Buehler and Bellinger in my head; and it’s alright to argue for either player. Sure, Bellinger struggled again in the postseason and his 2019 was a season of peaks and valleys. Still, he’s shown the propensity to have a little bit of Mike Trout in him. Would it shock you at this point if Bellinger was the best player in the game in a year or three? If he is, it shouldn’t.

For this reason, he’s the Dodgers’ most untouchable. On Sunday, he won his first gold-glove award from Rawlings. Later on in the month of November, he could win his first Most Valuable Player. Finally, Bellinger is really just getting started and has a lot of baseball ahead of him.

Who would you put as the most untouchable player in the Dodgers organization? Perhaps a more interesting question is who would you list as second behind Bellinger or Buehler? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. For sure Bellinger, Buehler, May, Verdugo than Smith, I say Smith mainly I know he struggled after a hot start but that should have been expected after a little time in as video and scouting reports are done by opposing teams they start to find the players weaknesses the longer they are in the majors, it is also the reason when called up rookies are able to get off to hot starts the lack of scouting on them. Those 5 players should be untouchable you can build a contending team around them.

  2. You say it’s Bellinger without question, but then say you can argue it’s Buehler.

    I think they’re 1A and 1B, and based on the postseason I’d give it to Buehler.

    Cody’s first half was unbelievable, and his glove is exceptional, but teams exposed him a bit in the second half of the season.

    Would round out my top 5 with May, Smith, and Lux.

  3. Don’t think there is an untouchable if the right trade comes along. Would take Rendon for Beli in a heartbeat. After 1st 2 months Beli became an average hitter while Rendon was good all thru the WS. Outfield is a lot easier position to play than 3b too.

    1. part of the offensive issue with Bellinger in the 2nd half was because Roberts and Co. kept moving him from OF to 1st back to OF and sometimes twice in the same game. And I truly believe that impacted his offense. Let him STAY in RF for the season, heck he just won a Gold Glove in R But Roberts is too……… do this

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