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Could the Dodgers Trade For Bryan Reynolds? How LA Could Land the All-Star

Is Pirates All-Star outfielder Bryan Reynolds available for trade? That’s the big question right now surrounding the MLB offseason.

Reynolds has been one of the best and most underrated outfielders in the game over the last few seasons, and is entering his final year under team control in 2023. He and the Pirates have begun talking about a potential extension, but it doesn’t sound like they’re anywhere near the ballpark in terms of how much he hopes to make next season. The Pirates initially said they weren’t going to fulfill his request, but more recently, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Pirates would listen, because it doesn’t hurt to take in offers.

Our Doug McKain broke down all the rumors surrounding Reynolds, and gave his thoughts on a potential deal with the Dodgers, and what it would take to get him:

Reynolds would be close to a perfect fit in the Dodgers’ outfield, and we know Andrew Friedman likes to make trades. The Dodgers would also not be shy in offering him the type of contract extension he’s looking for, so he would be very happy to end up in LA.

He would by no means be cheap, but considering how little the Dodgers have done this offseason, they shouldn’t be shy in spending a little money for a contract extension with a 27-year-old switch-hitting All-Star outfielder who continues to improve his game. Friedman should get on the phone as soon as possible and see which prospects it’ll take to get a deal done. This would be the kind of move to turn a quiet offseason into a great one very quickly.

Do you want the Dodgers to trade for Bryan Reynolds? And who would you give up for him? Let us know in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. I’ve mentioned it before when the day Reynolds requested for a trade and Belli was not tendered. Now with most of the top FA are gone, the Dodgers need to make this move to at least stay competitive in the division. He’s still young, a switch hitter, and an all-star….good replacement in the #2 hole. With the Giants and the Padres beefing up their rosters the Dodgers might not even make the wild card.

  2. It’s going to take a pair of special players to land Reynolds. I don’t see a way OF, James Outman stays.

    What about Outman and RHP Mark Washington?

    Or Outman and Busch

    Or Outman and Bobby Miller

    Putting on my devils advocate hat, if I’m the Pirates, I would even consider another prospect like C Diego

  3. Do it! Dodgers get Reynolds and cash considerations. Pirates get Pages, Busch, Pepiot, Grove, Gonzalez, and Jackson.

  4. I would send one top pitcher, not Miller, Busch and outman

    3 players really close and will contribute this year

  5. Let’s get REAL ! The Dodgers aren’t trading for him or anyone else – they’re fleecing their fans and making them pay for all of the financial
    Mistakes (remember the Trevor Bauer Contract) that THEY have made !

  6. He is under team control for 3 years as Mr. Reilly states above. He has requested a trade from the Pirates. The price is high and the Yankees have balked and stopped trade negotiations. Pittsburgh wants ready for MLB prospects which for the Dodgers would include the young players to be parts of the 23 roster.

  7. We have seen and read this article many times already and Instead of just talking about it, Friedman should try harder to make this deal or else bring the rookies from the minor leagues and let them develop here. What’s the point of just talk about it? They do that and the padres and Giants sign the players so it’s better not publish anything at all.

  8. I would do that trade. We give up pitcher who gives up a lot of walks and a couple of interesting prospects. I wouldn’t give them Trayce Thompson but I’m sure there is another farm hand who could entice the Pittsburgh Pennypinchers into moving a player they will lose anyway, at some point./

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