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Dodgers Linked to Gold Glove Infielder From NL West Rival as Trade Target

The Los Angeles Dodgers could add some much-needed help to their lineup before the July 30 trade deadline. While the Dodgers have been among the best teams in the league to this point in the season, they have been riddled with injuries to some of their best players, most recently Tyler Glasnow, Mookie Betts and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The list extends beyond them, but losing a guy like Betts for a significant amount of time is a big blow for the team. Betts can and has done it all for the Dodges in his tenure, and with it being his first year transitioning to the infield, his presence is missed beyond measure.

Because of this, the Dodgers could look to upgrade their roster — more specifically, their infield. Betts’ return to the majors might not be best served at shortstop. If the Dodgers’ front office agrees, one player who could provide help is Colorado Rockies infielder Brendan Rodgers.

According to Mark Feinsand of, Rodgers is viewed as a potential fit for the Dodgers by this trade deadline. 

“Rodgers missed half of June with a hamstring injury, but the 27-year-old has played well of late, slashing .333/.365/.625 with three homers and 10 RBIs in 14 games last month, said Feinsand. “With the club’s No. 2 prospect Adael Amador knocking on the door, the Rockies could look to move Rodgers, who is earning $3.2 million this season and is arbitration-eligible for one more year.

Potential fits: Dodgers, Red Sox

Mark Feinsand, via

Feinsand also listed the Boston Red Sox as a potential fit for the 27-year-old. Rodgers is a second baseman, and his potential addition would immediately boost the infield and lineup. He is a former Gold Glove Award winner and Fielding Bible Award winner, both of which he won in 2022.

The 27-year-old could also take an immense load out of Betts when he returns since Rodgers is a more experienced infielder. Rodgers can also play shortstop if the Dodgers choose to go that route. However, he hasn’t played shortstop since 2021.

Although Betts had been getting the hang of things prior to his injury, the Dodgers might move him to second base and allow Miguel Rojas (or an outside acquisition, like Rodgers) handle the more taxing shortstop position.

Rodgers could be a fine addition to the Dodgers if they decide to pursue him. Depending on how the Rockies feel about doing business with a division rival, he might not be too costly. In his first 263 at-bats of 2024, Rodgers is slashing .285/.327/.407 with five home runs and 75 hits.

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  1. What the Dodgers need is a 3rd baseman. I don’t know why they keep screwing around. Munchy is not the future at the hot corner, he gets hurt a lot now, and even though he has power, and even though his defense has improved, he is mediocre at best. With a top notch 3rd baseman, Miggy at short, Mookie at second, and Freddie at first, we’d have an all star infield.

  2. We’ve said it numerous times. Bobby Miller needs to learn how to PITCH! He’s merely a THROWER amongst many throwers who throw 100 mph. We said his mechanics are awful (follow through-falls off to 1st base), and, consequently, he has little or no command of his pitch location. This mechanical issue also causes him to open up (upper body and arm slot), showing the ball in his hand, too soon. Hitters see that, and get a good look at the spin, quickly ID’ing the pitch. His follow through momentum lands his body and arm away from the catcher’s target, making it extremely difficult to have pin-point, or any, command of any pitch. It also may have contributed to his recent shoulder injury because of the uneven torque caused by his throwing mechanics. Miller needs a complete ‘Mechanics’ re-do in AAA, and it will take time to fix. LA rushed him up too soon last year because of their starting pitcher injuries. It seems pitching has continued to become their Achilles Heal since the total Dodger pitching staff, this year, is still not healthy and stable. Don’t expect Miller to contribute as a reliable starter anytime soon the way he presently pitches. As for trading for an infielder, it’s NOT what LA needs now. Starters are KEY to trade for; Crochet is a good bet, and Miller would be a good piece to give the White Sox. He’s from the Chicago area, so it might be a good 1 for 1 match. Except for Teoscar Hernandez, the Dodgers lack another experienced, young, productive, MLB outfielder, who has upside, and can stabilize LA’s outfield. That player is Washington’s,Lane Thomas. He would be a terrific choice IF the Nationals would be willing to trade him at the deadline, since he’s a FA after this year, and is not costly. Remember, prospects are prospects, until they become suspects. There’s tons of talk about the Dodger farm system’s prospects, but until they produce in the SHOW, they are still only prospects. IF possible, it’s smart to trade for established players, who still are young and have upside, for minor leaguers who have yet to prove themselves.

  3. Feisand is just making a story where there is none. The Dodgers need a good outfielder and a couple of decent starting pitchers more than anything else. Betts will move back to second base when he returns with Miggy-Ro at Shortstop. Chris Taylor can back up both positions and play a little third since he has been hitting better as of late but he still strikes out way too much with that “all or nothing” swing of his. He’s not a home run hitter anymore although even a blind squirrel runs into a nut or two… Lux plays like he is afraid he’ll get hurt again plus he too thinks he is a homerun hitter, swinging from the heels. His days are probably numbered as a Dodger, “Bruh…”

  4. True, True, True. Especially dead on with CT and Lux. They got to change their approach on hitting and barreling for line drives only and getting on base to turn the lineup over.

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