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Details About Dodgers And Marlins Discussion For Giancarlo Stanton

The Dodgers may have never been a serious contender for Giancarlo Stanton after all. While many thought it would be good for both sides, the Dodgers’ budget didn’t agree. Jon Heyman reported that a deal between the Dodgers and Marlins was never close and broke down what it would have included.

The Dodgers have to get under the luxury tax threshold, and adding the largest contract in baseball history would not have helped them do that. While the Marlins weren’t interested in taking on multiple overpriced deals in return, it was a must for the Dodgers if they were to acquire Stanton. The Dodgers easily could have provided a good prospect return as well, but it doesn’t sound like the Marlins were interested in needing to keep that much money in the deal.

The Yankees deal that acquired the reigning MVP was less than spectacular. If you haven’t seen, the Marlins acquired Starlin Casto, Jorge Guzman, and Jose Devers in the deal. While Castro is a 4-time All Star, it’s very possible that the Marlins will flip him to another team. Castro is set to make $10 million in 2018 and the Marlins, who are all in on moving contracts, will likely not want to pay that much. Castro could net a decent return from a team in need of a second baseman.

Jorge Guzman is a 21-year old pitcher who is coming off a great 2017 season in Low-A ball. The right-hander pitched to a 2.30 ERA with 88 strikeouts over 66.2 innings. Although Guzman has shown good potential, he’s not a viewed as a top notch prospect. Baseball America had him ranked as the Yankees number 7 prospect for 2018.

Jose Devers is an 18-year old infielder who is likely a long way from the Major Leagues. Devers slashed .246/.359/.348 with 15 stolen bases in 42 games while playing in the rookie league in 2017.  At this point, Jose may be most well known for being the cousin of Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers. That isn’t to say that Devers couldn’t become a good player, but at 18-years old it’s unknown what he’ll become.

This offer isn’t overwhelming, and seems to have been bested by the Cardinals and the Giants before Stanton waived his no-trade clause for both of them. The Marlins only kept $30 million of Stanton’s contract in the deal, and that is contingent on Stanton not opting out after the 2020 season. If Stanton were to opt out, the Marlins would owe him nothing. The Dodgers could have offered a better prospect return, but would not have taken on anywhere close to that much money and that ended up being a deciding factor for the Marlins.

With Giancarlo headed to the Yankees, the Dodgers will shift their focus to more affordable options. What do you think of the Dodgers passing on Stanton? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Dodgers will get to the Series without Stanton. The National League is not great.
    But they will lose again to the Yankees, Astros or Indians. The American League is superior

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