DJ Severe and Dieter Ruehle: Get to Know The Heartbeat of Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Nation welcomes the heartbeat of Dodger Stadium, DJ Severe and Dieter Ruehle! Dieter has joined us on our Blue Heaven Podcast multiple times, but DJ Severe is part of the “first timer’s club” with DN, so we were excited to get to know more about the guy that makes the stadium knock.

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For more Dieter, enjoy past Blue Heaven Podcast episodes!

Clint Pasillas

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  1. My name is Joe Kevany. I’m an LA songwriter. For example I co-wrote “3rd Base, Dodger Stadium” with Ry Cooder which was featured on his Grammy nominated album “Chavez Ravine”. I’m trying to get in touch with Dieter Ruehle. I have this wacky parody that I wrote about the Dodgers for this so far fantastic season. It’s a fun tune with a lot of potential, actually name dropping all of the players on the current roster. I’d like to get it to Dieter. Can you help put me in touch with him ?

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