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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Reflects on Passing Sandy Koufax on All-Time Win List

With his 22nd start of 6+ innings in 22 chances in 2019, Clayton Kershaw improved to 13-2 and made Dodgers history along the way. The lefty became the franchise leader in wins for left-handed pitchers with 166 all time, passing the great Sandy Koufax.

The LA offense erupted on Tuesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays as Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez returned to the lineup, helping secure the 16-3 victory.

Kershaw spoke to the media following the win and shared his thoughts on passing Koufax.

“It’s special…what Sandy means to this organization, what Sandy means to me personally, it’s an incredible thing. Something I never thought was going to happen…obviously, not the most important thing in the world…something that just helps me look back on it when it’s all said and done, just be thankful I get to be here this long.”

Clayton on the Koufax comparisons throughout his career.

“It’s an honor for me. Just to be mentioned in the same sentence as Sandy, I’ve always said is a special thing, and what he was able to accomplish in his career, would have gone a lot longer if he was playing today, probably, because he could have gotten healthy, but it’s just a special thing.”

Moreover, Kershaw went on to explain that he’s less interested in personal accolades and more focused on the task at hand, “right now, we’ve got a single goal here, and that’s to be the last team standing.”

While he did complete 6 innings, Clayton was not exactly happy with his performance on the night. He allowed 3 solo home runs, bringing his season HR total to 18 in 2019.

His manager Dave Roberts added his thoughts.

“I think he was navigating tonight…but, as Clayton does, with what he has that particular night, he still finds a way to get outs, put up zeros, and give our club a chance to win.

Dave on Kershaw eclipsing Sandy Koufax:

“That’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to Clayton.”

Congratulations indeed. And thank you, Kersh.

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  1. Koufax and Kershaw – the two greatest pitchers in Dodger, perhaps baseball history, and two of the greatest persons to play this game.

  2. Very happy for Kersh, although surrendering 3 dingers in 6 innings will not help our cause if this were a WS game. On the other hand, lets enjoy the moment. To be compared to Mr. Koufax is an honor no matter how its viewed!!!! Go Blue!!

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