Dodger Rumors: Dec 8th 2009

Dodger Rumors: Dec 8th 2009

Kevin Millwood

Dodgers discuss Kevin Millwood trade with Rangers.

  • Millwood is set to make 12M in 2010.
  • Dodgers are in need of starting pitching.
  • Dodgers would need to dump Pierres salary to take on Millwoods salary.

Interesting rumor… However, as we know a rumor is just that. I don’t mind this deal, however if we’re willing to pay 12M for Millwood, why not offer Randy Wolf arb.?

George Sherrill

Ned Colletti shoots down rumors of shopping Sherrill.

  • Our bullpen is our strength, no need to take away from it.
  • Sherrill is set to make 4M+, not bad for a lefty to setup Broxton.

Good! I’d like us to keep a solid bullpen. We judged him quickly based off playoff performance. I say give him another shot!

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